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Just kidding here your hillbilly headlines on and mcgee beat a bird lettuce tone for all excited about this found out there's only reason one reason why i woke up early on my day off i was on i was anchoring sec network until midnight last night i'm like it fine what got me through was i was going to get a chance to be part of hillbilly headline and i'm going to set the tone right now the headline this is from time magazine by the way no it'd beans something new jersey's mystery high school pooper turns out to be school superintendent it's like the war scooby doo mystery ever school superintendent jersey was caught in the act of this week is he pooped on another high school's football field thomas tram gallini fortytwo has been superintendent of the kenilworth school district is two thousand fifteen was arrested monday after he was seen defecating on the holmdale high school football field trial he was arrested at five fifty a m monday morning has been charged with lewdness public year occasion slash defecation and the dumping of litter will be taking a paid leave of absence it is it's like scooby doo i would've gotten away with it had it not been for you medal and kids and they pull the mask off of they go it's superintendent golini no got is that a morning boop or is that a lay poop like what like five fifty eight am i don't know is that it is just coming in or is that a we started today had a little too much coffee in the morning.

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