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But I'm definitely looking forward to watching either other versions of this on others one in the ninety s that my wife grew up watching, and I wanna see the new one as well later that later this year, I think the Greta gerwig on is supposed to come out around Christmas. But h I know is a fan of this book, which is the best film adaptation. I've actually only seen one at a patient in the nineties one with Winona, Ryder and Christian bale. But yeah, the book is one of my favorite books full-time and as a kid too. So it's a great story. And don't let the the initial version that you've seen, but you off from watching other adaptations. Yeah. Yeah, you can tell that the the bones of the story are really great and definitely worth watching. And it seems like there's almost a great version of this movie within this version of the movies. Just not quite there yet, there's some some strange choices and stuff that that sort of threw me off a little bit, which I wasn't really expect. From this director since I liked a lot of the stuff that he did before. But yeah, I would say maybe skip the nineteen thirty three version unless you're a huge Katherine Hepburn fan. And then also I watched a movie called the asphalt jungle which came out in nineteen fifty this is another film Noir. And watching a lot of those lately, this is the heist movie directed by John Huston and this one was very enjoyable. It reminded me a little bit of like the naked city mixed with refuse. And if either of those sound interesting to you, I feel like you'll get a lot out of this movie was nominated for a bunch of Academy Awards and it stars who sterling Hayden Louis Keller n-, and Jean Hagen who gene Hagan plays Lina Lamont in singing in the rain. And I don't think I'd ever seen her in anything else. And she was very very good in this. So, yeah, it's another like, you know, has all the tropes of douar in terms of like, the cinematography and the framing and the the style and the the ambience of everything and the heist elements are really enjoyable too. So that's the asphalt jungle again, this is another movie that. Just comes to an end. So be warned that that happens. So that that's the only I guess word of warning. I would give and then I saw Shas AM guys the new DC movie. I did not like this movie. I'm so sorry. I know that I think Peter and HD both like it a lot. I I'm leaning more towards I enjoyed it. But I I did not I would probably give a six hundred ten. Oh, man. Yeah. I think I would give it like a like a three out of ten or something. I was I it just did not work for me on almost any level. I think I think Zachary Levi is is very enjoyable and good to watch any scene where he and jecklin Grazer who plays. Freddy Freeman the sort of superhero obsessed best friend kid any scene were those two are sharing the screen together. I was entertained, and I thought they had a really really good chemistry dynamic between the two of them. But the story. The villain the the interactions between almost every other character in the movie and the jokes late union family stuff. I think the family stuff is the stuff. I like the most like that brought the heart. It felt like what I feel like if felt emblematic of what I consider to be the movie's biggest problems was which is just that feels so forced and so like not genuine like I see whether three Ryan the early Fash. I mean, th you know, there are a couple of good sort of like fist pow fist pumping moments involving the family. And I I'm sure you know, what I'm talking about. And I was sort of on board for what happens later in the movie in terms of that stuff. But like all of the man, oh, the interactions between the family..

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