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It was that a little deep jeep my My my parents. My mom and dad got for him. Hall cod yeah kids so along the loudest thing i could possibly think of for which is fine. I mean i it. It's it's just nice to know that you know you guys got him stumping so it you don't have to it just you know i love that so i feel like my mom is the same way even as an adult. She remembers things and cares about things in the way that other people react. Don't react to things. That involve your amanda that i. I don't think twice about like it doesn't bother me that i didn't get a college graduation gift from xyz but it bothered her that my nanna would write checks for all these people and then they didn't like things like that like my mom remembers everything and i was going. I don't even fine like no but you know so. I remember but this is a person should remember. Yeah nice good. i'm not. I'm not the person that's gonna reach. I'll be like hey was actions birthday monday. You know you've like you forgot. i'm not. I want that person to see it on social media like a week later and be like oh shoot. I forgot and there was no gift. Either right now wasn't even like here's a toy for the kid right. I may not call. Because i don't know that he would necessarily know the difference but at least i'm going to show everybody that i remember. It's not good. I saw kaelin. Yes dear blogs so a lot of people have been asking if i did end up taking my sister to trippy read mr read. I was calling him to embarrass her all night. I did take her. I took my little sister bella. I took her friend. Lauren and two of my friends because i was like. I'm gonna need help with these girls. So first of all i was a nervous wreck my friends for like. I've never seen you this. Because i had somebody else's kid in my possession Made me very nervous. Did you love them to partake in any kind of no. No no but i did allow them like my mom had wanted me to like be with them the whole time and i was like. Am i going to do that. I'm not going to be a jerk so we got like. It was outdoor venue in michigan. So we got lawn seeds and all of her friends were in this like ma situation. I know i know these tmz. I'm telling you so on so i did like. She was trying to lose me the second we got there. She's very much my sister. Her phone was on eight percent. She trying to lose me. I'm like find your friends. I need a look all of them in the and tell them i'm here and then i'll fall back and she's like oh i don't know where they are. You can just hang back. I was like no no she at one point ran away from me. Luckily her friend was more responsible. But yeah so. I just looked all other friends and i was like i'm here. You know no funny business. Little boys there like young boys wearing like playboy shirts like they thought they were. Just how many of them had perms all my it was. It was something a lot of juuling and vaping bleach tips on news. Yeah and i have never felt so old in my entire life like i. Oh my god. I just read mr so my friends. I ended up getting wasted. And you know whatever the house they were doing. So i was watching the two young girls and then my two friends and i was like literally driving them home in. They're like donald. I was like. Oh my god. I can't wait to be over like my friends got sort home. That was me. And i gotta drop them all off. I was seriously like i was like shit more the grownups or the or the kids probably join us and then he was. I put him in the back with the girls. Because he is chatty and he was back there like what boys do you think. We're i'm just like you guys. Like i just can't so i am old Mr rod you know you put on a show. Kids were climbing the rafters. I don't know if you si- plus abaza. Yeah just climbing up. They're doing it for the graham visit to me this week. I think another just to make sure that might have thought is next in the money. Why were you waiting by the phone. Good morning and so. Let's hear about This woman lexi Tell us how you met and about any dates that you've been on it and what's going on right now and how we can help I met a few weekends ago and You know we were chatter up. Got her number and We you know we we. We hit it off right away. I took her out for drinks. And things got a little. You know ic- and we went back to my place and she spent the night They w- she was pretty incredible. This is good. This sounds good. This is the kind of i want. Chemistry connection was that spicy spice spicy sees. This wasn't you know wasn't hook up to for me I'm really. I'm into and i wanted to take her out again. And she's to ghosted me. I cannot get a hold of her all right. So you've reached out. I take it. You've texted called whatever and she's not responding. Well this is our specialty. So we'll call This woman lexi. We'll see if we can get her on the phone and we'll ask some questions for you. You'll be on the phone with some point. You're welcome to jump in whatever's going on. Hopefully we can straighten that out for you and this set you up on another date and pay for that okay. Great thank you to play one song and come back. We'll do it. Let's find out what's going on for two of waiting by the phone three minutes from now after doshi kiss me more fred. Show one all three five three five kiss. Fm chicago's number one. He busy station. It's the fred show. Enzo all right. Welcome back it's call lexi. You met a few weekends ago You went out. You had a great time back at your place you go. There was spicy. That's how you describe it. There was some spice going on. You guys hooked up. They had a great time. You've reached out for another day. She's not responding. You wanna know. Why is that pretty much it all right. Well let's call her now. Good luck hi lexi. Lexi good morning is fred for the fred. Show everybody's here from one or three five kiss. fm and chicago. I'm started bother. But i do have to tell you that we are on the radio right now and i need your consent to continue with our calls. Okay and yeah thank you. I know it's weird. But i'll get right to it We appreciate your time. We're calling on behalf of a guy who says he went out with you name. Enzo okay what happened with him because we just talked to him a second ago and he described a really good date said he had a great time with you was into. You said things happen physically and didn't get into too much detail. He called his spicy So i don't know what that means. But whatever and he was hoping to hear from you again but you're not responding and he wants to know why so what's going on. I mean i.

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