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Hagans bone having a great season right now the point guard. He's averaging fourteen in seven is a great leader. He's got tough this maturity Ashton Hagans. The last five games has not played well for Kentucky to win hagan's needs to play. Well, I think he will rock who was gonna win. But I think he will. So who you got in how about around the horn and PTI Tennessee deserve the anti do zero points from freshman season. They can't afford to lose Kentucky which got upset recently. Yeah. Meena speaks to the depth of Tennessee, which is going to serve him in the tournament. While Duke, we're not really sure how their lack of experience is gonna play out. They gotta get as many wins as much good experience. Woo. This is this is a referendum to me. Frank on all school basketball represented by Tennessee against the one and done Kentucky. Kids who it seems are always great. And I'm looking at Tennessee with grant Williams, Averill Scofield, Jordan, Boca Juniors and seniors, and I'm thinking, wow, man. No, people are gonna take Kentucky particularly with the game in Lexington. I'm gonna say that all that veteran experienced stuff that we never talk about at the top of college basketball's pyramid anymore. I'm going to say that Tennessee is gonna take this game. I'm going to take Kentucky grant Williams, by the way, averaging nineteen points a game. He scored just eight a couple of days ago against South Carolina, Kentucky at home. Remember coming off that loss just the other day against LSU that should have been basking interference. So John Calipari was all fired up. Inspired by the way for Tennessee over the next couple of weeks, two games against Kentucky. They also have to play LSU. We're gonna learn a lot about Rick Barnes's team. We will indeed baseball Addison. Russell took ownership. I pass actions that led to his forty game suspension for violation of major league baseball's domestic violence policy saying he committed he's committed to becoming a better person. He spoke publicly for the first time since the league suspended him in September after allegations against him, which he did not deny. Here's russell. I know that there's been a lot that's been said and reported these past few months, I don't wanna get into any specifics. But what I do want to say is I am accountable for my past actions. I'm not proud of the person I was, but I do want to own this issue and take responsibility for the hurt and the pain that I've caused Melissa. And for that. I'm sorry. He'd been the majors Luis Severino voids operation. A hearing with the Yankees agrees to a four year forty million dollar contract with a club option for twenty twenty three worth better than twelve million. You assessment says he thinks he'll be able to play at some point this season recovering from surgery on both heels outfielder told reporters that he is pain free for the first time in a long time. Colin Kaepernick has settled with the NFL. Del Dem's has been fired by the New Orleans. Pelicans tells a both stories when sportscenter allnight returns this USPS in radio. The NFL has settled.

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