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For jockey Dylan Davis the 27 year old who went to Saratoga high school graduated only 11 years ago and is primed for a big meat at the spa welcome back to the equine form presented by twin spires on hr and were thrilled to be joined by Dylan Davis, Dylan, thanks so much. And how are you? I'm doing great. I'm doing great. Thanks for having me on the show. Let's start with that big win at woodbine. I know you have spent most of your time in New York, but you had the opportunity to go up north and win that grade one. What did it feel like? I was smiling the whole time. You just rerun that race just listening to it. I would say just great memories and excitement to be able to get my first grade one, I felt great for New York trainer Christophe Mont and it was a lot of emotions going through there and it's really what I needed to help show that I can get the job done over here. So it was very nice to guess. Since then, obviously, it's been good, good and better. The aqueduct riding title, what did that mean to you? Oh, it meant a lot. I was always done well at aqueduct, but to actually get a title. My very first title in my career, it meant a lot to me because I worked very hard to get to this point and with my age and my community is also behind the scenes, but to actually get a title into my belt feels great and it shows that I can do this and I can ride with these guys and just be able to get the job done. It feels nice. And if anybody questioned it after the meat at the big gay, there's no doubting anymore about the incredible effort at Belmont. Some of the top riders in the country at beautiful Belmont park and you've finished just two wind shy of irad Ortiz. You finished second in the colony. What was that experience like? Oh, and again, a lot of motions again. But you can say maybe what you need is a little easier to win, but I don't think so. I think any riding title is definitely difficult to get. You have to be number one. You have to stay up there. You have a lot of guys behind you trying to chase you, but I feel like don't mind definitely tougher. You have a tough group of forces. Better competition for the riders. Also also the trainers to a tougher group and to be able to finish second leading rider in the country. It feels great. I definitely wanted to win it, but personally, it was the best meat I've ever had. So you're coming off your best meat. Right before that, you won the title at aqueduct. What has happened is your riding improved over the last year or two or has it just taken some time for owners and trainers to recognize that they can trust you on their horses? I think it's both. I've always trying to continue to get better as a writer, but just trying to get the opportunities a lot of the writers have their business. So it's definitely difficult to get into another outfit, but when I do, I got to make sure that I get the job done and then the show. So definitely building the business and the right direction and then going from there. Yeah. When you say you're continuing to get better as a writer, what is that mean? What are you trying to develop? Where are you getting better? Well, many aspects just being physically better. Making better decisions on the track to get a better placing. Being able to listen to the horse to get more out of them and I also had Richie nagle helping me recently fine tuning some skills by getting some position and how to manage the horse to the wire. So just getting them into stride and being able to hold position. So just working on a few things and trying to work with different types of forces. Also getting with winning the winter title, it has given me a lot more confidence going into the Belmont meet and then also again showing that I can compete with these guys at a high level finishing second. So I was feeling strong going into this Saratoga meeting. You have 8 mounts today at Saratoga, including boppy O in the grade three Sanford, as you prepare for races. What goes into it? Are you reading the form or are you watching video before you ride a horse before you get in the starting gate? What have you done to prepare for a race? So first, I'd like to get on some horses in the morning and get my body moving. I do some stretching as well. Off days, maybe I'll work out or something, but on race days to prepare, if I haven't ridden a horse, then if it hasn't run before, I'd have to get the trainers work for it or be able to be able to watch and replay on that particular horse. And then after that, you know, just checking to see how the layout of the race is going to fold is mahler's half speed. Do I need to get positioned early? How is the race playing so far today? And also just the trainer would be able to give me a lot of information about the horse providing that day. So then just trying to get to the wire first from there. We're joined by Dylan Davis on the equine forum presented by twin spires. He's got a full day ahead of him at Saratoga and Saratoga is a special place, particularly for you who grew up in the area graduated from high school there. When you look at the Saratoga meet, how is it different than Belmont or aqueduct? Well, it's definitely prestigious. It's historical racetrack. It has a lot of history. You know, even outside the racetrack coming up here, it brings back the memories with friends. So we will meet up with friends that I haven't met with all year on be able to have a good time. But Ryan and Saratoga has probably one of the toughest weeks in the country. And I'm just fortunate enough to be able to compete with this colony and I also have a good time doing it. Every track is a little bit different in terms of the inside is better or the outside, maybe you can make up more ground, et cetera. What are some of the intricacies of Saratoga? Some of the things that you think of as a rider that you need to be aware of when you're up at the spa. Yeah, so especially coming up here, everyone wants to win. Because of that, a lot of the riders want to be very aggressive early. People want to think that being aggressive is very good. It is through some extent. You just don't want to be caught in too much speed earlier than you just wouldn't have any finish, but I think the dirt course is playing a place pretty fair. It just depends on if it rains or not, but the church course is also they do a great job over there that inner or outer it's just

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