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Hundred seventy seven mobile music and production with Yakup hot. Hello everyone. Hello yakup. How are you? I'm doing absolutely fine. Marvelous actually and also with us today. Stephen accurate. How're you doing Mr. Hackett? Hey, I'm good. I'm excited to to get into this. You know, I like to think I play Mr. audio producer. But just doing vocals is a different ballgame than making your music. This is going to be fun. It's today. Our guest is Yacob. He's Swedish musician who in five years has produced seven hundred videos on music production and not only are they great videos about music production. We're going to talk today, whether you're a novice or a, you know, Berkeley graduate musician. We're going to have some hopefully, some ideas for you. But how to make music with your mobile devices? He produced all of those seven hundred videos on his ipad, no MAC involved. And it's like we gotta talk to this guy. Let's just start off talking about, you know, what are the mobile devices you're carrying around to do all this work on. Well, right now, I'm actually doing all the capturing like cap. During I'm filming filming. I don't know if that's the right word, but I'm using my iphone six s so it's already got some years on it. Right, but works for for everything I want to do and I mostly work with videos in ten eighty p sixty frames per second. And that that's perfect for for YouTube and a lot of my my audience also watches my videos on these I devices, you know, because of my content. So I it just works. I'm also using an I pro- twelve point nine inch. It's the two thousand and sixteen years model, I think the one that's still has a headphone port. And but earlier used an iphone five of Houston, ipad, meaning one and an ipad Amini two, and I used to add it on those and when I started out editing, my videos and doing stuff, I only had the iphone five. So that was basically the only thing I used for the first whole year all of those videos have been made on one iphone why phone five, wow. And you know, I would imagine ahead on Jack is kind of important for a musician. Yeah. It's extremely important. I had this conversation on a. Whole hotel room with a guy called Gaz Williams, his British musician. He's quite well known. Also when it comes to he deals with this thing called, sonic state..

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