GUY, Special Counsel, President Trump discussed on Ring of Fire


Guy is an expert in impeachment and an executive overreach so to speak and defending executive overreach to spend defending executive actions at the same time this is we should just say this amid flood and he served i think as a special counsel in the george w bush administration did and then traces back to the clinton days and he served as counsel forever clinton during the impeachment so it definitely there's something anticipatory here that's going on in hiring this guy remember people in their head putting that stuff together let narrow into the bush era the way to put it together is this guy is an expert on speaking to extend the authority of the presidency beyond what the constitution intended and basically what the courts have permitted though is the guy really works in the area of saying no you can't hold the president to account on this or that or whatever issue but he's a pro and he's a very good lawyer whether you like it or not he's good at what he does he comes in there at the same time giuliani comes in and he's back coming in because of his legal expertise giuliani is coming in as a politician he's coming in to kind of blow a lot of things up out the limits of the discussion and his job on all those td appearances was to leak although it wasn't really a leak it was an announcement with to leak information that they knew was gonna come out his job was to go and say oh yeah trump did pay for that or oh yeah trump do about that or.

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