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Say Aren't you a smart cookie? The fact that you're listening to this program tells me that you're intelligent curious and ready. Learn new things so take your seat with the rest of the class and let's get right. Today's topic today is all about salt where it comes from how to best use it in the kitchen and cook on a Himalayan Salt Block. We need to start off with a basic fact. All Salt has sea salt. They're faint traces of salt. That were delivered by meteors asteroids. And the like but it's highly unlikely you'll ever taste any of that if you're eating salt. Thank in ocean. Only six percent of all salt produced goes human use. The rest goes for other things including keeping your roads free vice. So what's the deal with restaurants and Stores Selling Sea salt as a specialty item? Those high prices are likely trying to trick you into thinking. You're getting something exotic. You aren't the differences insult our in taste texture and processing. There are two main ways of getting salt. Evaporation and mining evaporation straightforward. You lay out some sea salt. Let The Sun do its thing and what's left to salt and some impurities that will be removed. Salt also comes from mining for heavy equipment is used to carve out the underground salt deposits. This Salta sometimes called rock salt a high. You say if all salt is sea salt than what is it doing underground. What you're seeing is whereas see used to be when you're cooking seasoning is essential. It's important taste the food before putting it in front of your guests so you know whether it needs more salter pepper. It's cooking one. Oh one salt. Nearly always enhances flavor so it becomes a necessity pepper is a spice and that uses optional. The National Center for Biotechnology Information Part of the National Institutes of Health says salt enhances the positive century attribute to food even some otherwise unpalatable foods. I need to pause here to define the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TASTE AND FLAVOUR. Taste is a scientific term because it can be measured in manipulated. Flavor is a sensory experience. Not that it really matters for our purposes but I'll be using the word flavor to be more precise and so you know whether salt is affecting taste or flavor salt suppresses bitterness and food and enhances savory and sweet flavors it also booth the natural taste of the ingredients since it is a lot less expensive in quality ingredients manufacturers use the hell out of it to boost flavor when you see canned food or anything out of the center the grocery store check the nutrition label and how Sultan the product compares to your daily requirements. Then you those labels to add up all the salt in your daily Diet and it's likely you'll be surprised you'll also better understand what the manufacturer is doing to ramp up the flavor at the expense of the food. You think you're buying when you cook with fresh ingredients. You need much less salt as there's already a lot of flavor in the food you're cardiologists will love you for it. The Food Science folks say that while Salt has an impact on foods flavor it really shines by releasing aromas in the food since much of flavors smell it gives your sniffer more to work with their three main categories of kitchen salt table salt kosher salt and finishing salt. You're familiar with table salt. It's the fine grain salt that usually includes iodine. So you have a healthy thyroid. Kosher salt has larger flakes and does it usually contain additives like iodine. Finishing SALT IS A SPECIALTY ITEM. Troubled salt or smoke. Salt is added just before the dishes served kosher table salt or the primary kitchen salts table salt had better for baking kosher salt is better for cooking dissolves more easily. Food should be salt as they are prepared. If you're cooking up some onions and peppers for another dish. Salt and pepper them before adding it to other ingredients doing this will help each ingredient. Be The best it can be. It would seem this would lead to over-salting but generally does it. If you find that you have over salted something. Dairy is your friend Ed. Milk cream unsalted butter sour cream or other dairy products and those will reduce the intensity of the salt. Now I promise to tell you about pink. Himalayan salt blocks so grab some paper or writing stick. Let's get on with these. Big Salt. Blocks are cooking surface. They don't come from the Himalayas and as you use them. They lose their pink color. Pink comes from crystals of salt that had been mined from areas close to the Himalayas often in Pakistan. It's color comes from trace minerals like magnesium potassium and calcium. These blocks are large heavy expensive and require care win cleaning or cooking on them. They do add some salt to the taste of food but not much. If you're going to use one you'll need the heat. It's slowly but once it gets to the temperature. You need it whole teak for a long time so be careful if you try to grab the saying after dinner is done cleaning his also an issue. You can't use water unless you want to see your large expensive rock dissolve and run down the drain when you want to clean it. Leave the job to clean dry cloth. Greasy foods. Don't pair well. With assault block degrees can slip into crevices. When you use the sewn the next time the grease will expand faster than the stone and create cracks. However you decide to interact with salt. You probably shouldn't eliminate iodized table salt from your diet. I dine is important. And if pregnant women don't get enough their child could be stricken with congenital iodine deficiency syndrome. It's awful known as Cretinism. It's also known as Cretinism. This is a nasty condition that impairs mental and physical development. It's very common around the world and places where iodized salt or other iodine supplements art available last week. I want to mention epsom. Salt which isn't assault at all but a compound of salt and other minerals it can be relaxing bath. But what you probably don't know. Is that EPSOM? Salt CAN HELP. Remove deep splinters. Put a cup of it in your bathroom slid for a Good Soak. The salt will help. Bring the splendor to the surface where you can use tweezers to pull it out so now when it comes to salt. Aren't you a smart cookie? Hungry in Nashville is brought to you by out of my pocket. Productions and is copyrighted by me. Jim grinstead you can listen to hungry in Nashville on our website hungry in Nashville Dot Com. Or wherever you get your podcast you can like us on facebook or enter your email address on the website. So you'll be notified when new episodes are posted. 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