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Augustine, Levin, Mcgrady discussed on The Michael Knowles Show


No no yet i use my own purpose but if i i can't extend that out or to any purpose and not expect thing the nature to break down this is that a wonderful explanation and this this aspect to the unity of aspect i think is what so difficult and a culture that is obsessed with the erotic so the the christian answer to samesex attraction as you explain in the book is celibacy and chastity to which were all cold but for people with samesex attractions at obviously results in celibacy of of course that answer is easier said than done rollcall to be chaste but as as a former manichean who became a great saint saint augustine said lord make me chased but not yet but as yet and a dozen the call for people who were exclusively attracted to members of the same sex exclude them from erotic love one of the one of the great consulations of life so i'm told is that burden not too immense in a sex obsessed culture such as ours that play this is so high a value on the erotic that's a great question because i love all you phrased it uh 'cause we frame it in a in a in a sex obsessed culture and twit makes things more difficult i think is the fact that um do we produced everything like all the great so jump on the second again this the elgin about it he said he's a man cannot live without love without love men remains a being incomprehensible to himself he's a mystery to him sell if he doesn't experience love now we hear that we think that if the pope talking about school we've taken is the big concept of love and we've reduced it to romantic lock and we take must not up the romantic levin reduced it to sack the what it sounds like the pope is saying is man cannot live without sex without checked your means of being incomprehensible to himself deflected senseless let the sex and yet the great mind mcgrady hark the great lives of history of said the era you know romantic luxury roddick love is a good and we would as catholic christians we would say exactly at the if the good but it's not even the greatest love because um.

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