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Adding home rentals to that. Ecosystem makes a lot of sense says Howard Adler, a professor of hotel management at Purdue University, his it really benefits them because they're expanding their their huge network ready. Adler says home rentals could allow travelers to stay under Marriott roof for every trip. They take for business or pleasure and get loyalty points. But there's a catch much of Maryanto. Tell business is independently owned MorningStar analyst, Dan, wa- Wassily says home sharing may cannibalize some of that business. There is some risk that they're alienating the traditional hotel franchisees that are joining the Maryanne brand renting out private houses. Even high end ones. Also, poses risks homes and hotels are built with different safety standards. Aroon soon Dhiraj on a professor of business at NYU says that's one example of why it's going to be difficult for Marriott in another hotel chains to compete head on with Airbnb. I think Airbnb has made depot. Inroads into the business than any of the hotel chains will into the home shipping. Business anti says Maryam's interest in the market makes the home sharing business. Look more attractive as Airbnb prepares for its IPO later this year. I'm Megan McCurdy Carino for marketplace. This was a big weekend for the National Rifle Association and not in a way, the group is probably pleased with a very public leadership fight at its annual meeting. And now, the New York state attorney general's office is investigating the group financially in particular possibly threatening the NRA's tax exempt status in New York. Now granted this is a state AG looking into a state issue. But there could be repercussions for the group's federal tax status as well. So we asked marketplace's Mariel Sagarra to look into and explain what exactly tax exempt status means. And how an organization might lose. It groups that are tax exempt don't have to pay certain kinds of taxes like income taxes charities are the most well, known example, who of churches museum organizations that when you give them you get a tax deductible contribution Miranda Fleischer at the university of San Diego school of law says charities are type of tax exempt group known as five oh one C threes. But there are other ways to get exempted from taxes groups that promote social welfare qualify under a different section of the law five, oh, one C four Philip Hackney at the university of Pittsburgh school of law says these groups follow different rules, you usually can't deduct contributions to them and they're allowed to get involved in politics a wad of. Nations will form a fiber once before in order to lobby in order to engage in politics that they can't charity the NRA falls under this category. But it has a five oh, one C three foundation to an organization can lose its tax exempt status. If it say does something illegal or pays its leaders excessive salaries, but minoshe Viswanathan who teaches law at the university of California says IRS audits are rare the enforcement arm for tax exempt organization at the IRS is underfunded and not as active as it probably should be but states have their own laws on tax exemption, and they can investigate groups to. That's what's happening in the case of the NRA Merial Sagarra for marketplace. On Wall Street this Monday, you know, what you get if his stock index goes up after a record high. Well, yes, that's right. You get more record highs. We'll have the details when we do the numbers. Congressional leaders democratic congressional leaders. I should say house speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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