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Who is incredible. He drank a little bit too much correction and earlier tweet misidentified the general President Trump described as incredible at a rally in Ohio. It was general Ulysses s grant nut general, Robert E Lee and attach video clip lack the full context for the Trump. Mark us look. It also gave you. A general. Who is incredible. He drank a little bit too much. You know what I'm talking about? Now regarding calling Robert E incredible. Because I'm sure many in the media also took umbrage at that. There's a piece we're gonna put up on Larry elder dot com. Call attack on Robert E Lee is an attack is an assault of American history itself. And it's written by a man named Allan brownfield brownfield is a. Lawyer author served on staff of US Senate house of representatives also staff of the office of the vice president. Here's what he writes about Lee. Everyone knows at least surrender to grant at apple Matic's, effectively ended the civil war. What few remember today is the real heroism of Robert E Lee. By surrendering. He was violating the orders, given by Jefferson Davis, the elected leader of the confederacy. Talks about how Lee wanted to continue the war as a guerilla war. And. Lee refused. This direct order. Quote, Davis had called on the confederacy to shift from conventional war two way dynamic guerrilla war of Trish, designed to wear down the north and force it to conclude that keeping the south in the union would not be worth the pain and the ongoing sacrifice. But Robert E Lee knew the war was over. If it were not for Robert leaves decision. Not to blindly follow irrational instruction to keep fighting a guerrilla war indefinitely, the surrender at EPA Matic's never would have taken place in our nation's history would have been far different end of quote. And how many times have you heard? From grade school deadly was a great tactician and that early on in the war. He was winning battle after battle after battle. And as President Trump just now said the commander in chief ABRAHAM LINCOLN was frustrated kept trying to find somebody that could beat Lee. And grant had finished the bottom of his class was perceived to be a drunk in the famous story is when Abe Lincoln was told about about leaves drinking. He says find out what he's drinking in order a case for the rest of my generals because he finally found somebody who could fight and you could win. We come back. Kanye west being slammed by ice tea among other people who says why the blank are you meeting with the rapper? Donald Trump on sixty minutes says he did not make fun of Christine Ford was asked about climate change asked about the midterms asked about the economy all of this and more triple eight nine seven one S eight nine seven one seven two four three. I am.

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