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A sunny day to show their pride. You gotta show people that, you know, everybody's all the same, we're just, you know, human being community members and elected officials, including Lieutenant governor Kathy ho, coal lying lark street in Washington park for Albany's pride parade on Sunday. Many of those who took part say, it was inspiring tasha home. It sells news channel thirteen it's important for people to come together. Right now, the way things are going in the world. Just love peace diversity that we need to have. So unity today is off the chain included, hundreds of rainbow flags. Floats. Live music, and lots dancing. Some mixed numbers for governor Cuomo in the latest CNN research poll statewide has favorability rating is the highest in more than a year, but upstate fifty six percent. Have an unfavorable view. The governor and a wide margin both statewide and upstate say he should not run for a fourth term poll also takes a look at some of the end of session issues. Still facing the legislature, fifty five percent statewide say yes on recreational marijuana more than eighty percent statewide and upstate support eliminating the religious exemption for vaccinations. However fifty three percent statewide sixty two percent up state say no to allowing illegal immigrants to get driver's license. Complete details on the Paul the cattle region news page WG, Y dot com. President Trump is reacting angrily to suggestions that his agreement with Mexico on Friday is nothing new Mike Bauer reports the New York Times reported Saturday that the deal was actually one negotiated by Mexican interior secretary, Olga Sanchez and then secretary of homeland security cures to Nielsen back in March on Twitter, President Trump called the times reporting another false report. The president also tweeted that Mexico had agreed to immediately by large quantities of products from our great patriot farmers. But Bloomberg notes, it isn't clear. What Trump is referring to, there's no mention of agriculture trade is part of the deal and Mexico doesn't even have an official government body, that would by distribute food products or farm equipment. Mike Bauer, NewsRadio eight ten and one zero three one WG, y sports betting may soon become legal at four New York state casinos, Jennifer pull Sony with that state's gaming commission is reportedly expected to approve rules allowing for sports bets at Resorts World Catskills rivers casino della, casino Intel, yoga downs, it would require gamblers to be present state lawmakers and the governor are still debating. To allow sports betting on mobile devices, Jennifer, Sony, NewsRadio eight ten and one of three one g y officials with the TSA. We'll be all the airport later this morning to talk about what we can expect from summer travel this year and talk about real ID deadline for which is next year..

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