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Eight forty w. h. a.. AS Louisville. An iheartradio, station From ABC news. John Davidson may quit dramatic change in, just the. Past hour or so on. The Hawaiian island Maui were ABC's GIO Benitez is and where this, wind is reporting conditions are improving and is now, downgraded to a tropical storm after more. Than thirty inches of rain from hurricane blame Anita, says the sun is out there's almost no wind ABC news meteorologist Melissa Griffin we're expecting that. West return. It's a pretty hard left her in that it's going. To make which is really good news because without that turn, it would easily make landfall in Ohio, so it's, continuing to move due north right now heavy rain bands continue. To last some of the Hawaiian islands. Sources close to the New York federal investigation say these longtime chief financial officer. Of the Trump organization Ellen Weisselberg is granted immunity from prosecution and turning over documents giving. Testimony. All about former Trump lawyer Michael Collins hush money payments to two women alleging affairs with Mr. Trump ABC news chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas To court documents the company accounted for. These payments as, legal expenses and truth and in fact the monthly invoices Coen submitted were. Not in connection to any legal service. He had provided in two thousand seventeen they were, for that hush payment before the election pointing a finger at somebody. Really close to home this, California Republican congressman says ABC's Linsey Davis embattled congressman Duncan Hunter appearing to implicate his wife as the marine vet attempts to defend himself against allegations that both used a quarter of a million dollars in. Campaign money to pay for personal expenses what I went to Iraq in two thousand and three of the first, time I gave her power of attorney and she got on my finances throughout my military career and that considered. On when I got in, the congress prosecutors say at one point the. Lawmakers staff warned him about his, wife Margaret's improper use of campaign funds but hunter, lashed out accusing his staff of disloyalty Senator John McCain will no longer get medical. Treatment for brain cancer says. His family you're listening to ABC. News this, is a Bloomberg market minute SOX rallied with the NASDAQ and the s&p five hundred hitting new. All time highs the Dow Jones industrials. Rose one hundred thirty three points or half a, percent the NASDAQ closed up sixty seven points or eight tenths percent. The s. and p. five, hundred gained eighteen or six tenths percent Neela Richardson Edward Jones tells Bloomberg the economy is in good shape with no downturn incite if you look at the second quarter you see a lot of strength. Over four percent GDP growth that's not Austerlitz side there that was business investment that was a pop and consumer, spending it's a fundamentals in the economy very strong and Richardson says corporate earnings have been solid for two quarters. In a row demand for, expensive manufactured products declined more than expected last. Month the Commerce Department reports orders, for durable goods fell one point seven percent in, July but a component of the durables report the tracks business investment posted a bigger. Than expected gain Jeff Bellinger. Bloomberg radio Louisville dot com presents The world's worst boss, the one who posts, jobs on huge national job sites looking, for anyone with a pulse we'll just call him Dave, and accepting. The award, for his department. Is.

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