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Month thrilled dropped significantly in the next few days starting in the mediterranean as a matching a big chunk of southeast france on alert for snowfall lemonde quotes the french met office calling for vigilance as a snow episode spreads from the south the north and his record whiteout out in moscow at described by his vesti as the snow fall of the century fans of snow of waited long time for this winter it says and moscow pravda has pictures of pows battling to keep the city roads clear and finally yaumil yuck also headlined the daily mail ricky hughes an ice cream chef in cohen ben north wales apparently has ota's flooding in for latest creation which is a cream egg pizza moon the time is quarter to eight an indian princess sofia dulip sing is one of the faces on a new set of stamps a release to commemorate women getting the vote which of course we are celebrating this year it being the hundredth uh the centenary of that happening lease four a large group of women this princess had quite a life and that life is chronicled in sofia princess suffragette revolutionary it's been written by anita anand and she's here she is causal say i should say presenter ventiaan's on radio for guarding earning good morning jeff sat tell us a bit about a because some well she thought on a household name she she's not yet ab hefley that all changes when stump comes out and says she was the daughter if the last maharajah of penjab she was the goddaughter of queen victoria she lived at hampton court palace she was a fashion icon of the day and actually for the first half of highlight pretty pointless she went to every party that was there that was going and then she had no pippen a political epiphany she went on a on a bans trip to india and suddenly a political conscience wake up in her she had the nationalist in in india they have a a phrase in in hindi at odds though about give us a voice give us a voice and when she came back to england she had the same cry coming from the mouths of the suffragette said she threw herself body pocket spirit everything she put everything on the line for the suffragette court at what cost well at immense costa.

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