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So during our time even when i was still a kid the first controversy about pledging allegiance to the flag started to bubble up when some kids somewhere declined to pledge allegiance and i think it was for religious reasons it goes back to the 30s and 40s when jehovah's witnesses germs witnesses interpret biblical strictures about idolatry to mean you should not swear in house to anything that would include a big piece of cloth in a classroom and they took it to the supreme court which relate to one the nope sergueios witnesses this is part of our national identity you're gonna say the dam pledge is that right so even in that short amount of time it had a become such a part of uh of our way of life that the supreme court would uphold the pledge of fake thing like a marketing gimmick yeah it was 940 france had just fallen and i think america was terrified of as you were as you were saying earlier of taking the antipatriotism argument right but three years later a nearly identical case came back up and the court ruled six two three that just kidding you can sit out the pledge if you have your convictions demanded is this the warren court does this oral warn era no harline stone was hungover achieve justice in the 1940s do jehovah's witnesses make that case about a swearing on a bible in court or pledging allegiance to the united states in it when they joined the military yes i believe so they you know you have the option to affirm rather than swear and if that's not enough of a loophole for them i think they i think they're just given a pass right and today it's you know there's all challenges from all kinds of humanist an atheist organizations on the same grounds pride and even the idea that i kid sitting given the opportunity to opt out of the pledge of the texas pledges not a good solution because it again it isolates the kid and and so ties is him or her do we live now in an era when people do not say the pledge in schools i haven't been.

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