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By the cook county board this morning tax critic richard boy can a member of the cook county board was on with big john in rambling ray and he said that it's probable that the tax will formally go away on december first so you will still have to pay for the rest of this month and for the rest of november and when it does die boy can says they are going to have to come up with a way to cut two hundred million dollars from the cookout he budget which is the money that the that the sweetened beverage tax has been bringing in harvey weinstein heading to rehab is wipe is heading to divorce court and now the new yorker magazine this publishing a new story in which several women say that the hollywood mogul raped them harvey weinstein has been fine hired from the board or from the harvey wind from the weinstein movie studio and the board says it didn't know anything about the sexual allegations against harvey weinstein meanwhile president obama and his wife michelle say they are disgusted by the revelations of sexual abuse at the hands of harvey why dean hillary clinton says she shocked and appalled by the revelations former bears coach mike ditka issuing an apology after he said two nights ago that there's been no oppression against black people in the us in the past one hundred years now ditka is saying i have absolutely seen oppression in society in the last one hundred years and i am completely intolerant of any discrimination he was talking about oppression in the nfl and now ditka says he is sorry if anyone was offended in gurney police have used dna to identify a man found dead after a house explosion more than a month go and the man was scheduled to move out days later the lake county coroner says the victim has been identified as fifty nine year old boris slashed skin and autopsy previously found he died of smoke inhalation in the september eighth explosion dna identification was needed because dental records weren't available wls news.

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