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Support for this npr podcast in the following message come from morgan stanley offering financial wisdom on the new morgan stanley ideas podcast available from your favorite podcast directory morgan stanley smith barney llc and morgan stanley and co llc members civic from npr on wbur i'm robin yarn i'm jeremy hobson it's here now and let's get the latest on tropicalstorm harvey which made landfall again today moving from texas to louisiana but there is some relief in houston the national weather service announced this morning that the tropical storm warning storm surge and flash flood watch have all been canceled there the storm poured nearly fifty two inches of rain east of houston breaking a record for the most measured rainfall from a single storm in the continental us joining us now is craig cohen host of houston matters on houston public media craig tell us how it's going there you still seeing any rain at this point or is it stopped i am so pleased to say the rain has stopped and harvey has left behind most of the greater houston region now that said the storm's moved eastward areas and far east texas including beaumont really took it on the chin last night and are still seeing some rain this morning in fact one shelter in port arthur texas that's about one hundred miles east of houston flooded around eight o'clock last night in people there had to be evacuated a second time i and the forecast now is finally looking really good we could still see a shower or two today but otherwise sunshine into saturday which is great news and what about the water levels around the city are they starting to recede at all while anecdotally yes but with a caveat first of all the bras us river in fort bend county is still expected to crest to add about fifty seven and a half feet tomorrow that would exceed the normal flood stage by twelve feet and surpassed the current record by nearly three feet evacuation orders have been in effect for large portions of fort bend county near the bras us.

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