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Promo code easy that's promo code easy good morning again mandates on wmal straight ahead why is say stupid steph about trump and conservatives on twitter twitter will respond the amazing story coming up bright gear on five point on fm and am six thirty wmal a elephant would reach wmal washington and one of point nine fm and am six thirty w and a yell washington out cumulus station where washington comes to talk news all news at seven thirty good morning i'm happy new year i'm bill thompson the new year have barely begun with a house fire an annandale killed an elderly man at fire broke out in a home on columbia road early this morning firefighters found the victim inside his name has not been released in the caused the fires under investigation montgomery county firefighters had an uncommonly busy weekend putting out house fires kelly fire chief scott goldstein says the number of serious fires is unprecedented but there were no serious injuries in any of them the ball dropped in new york's times square at midnight as a million be people are so shivered in temperatures hovering around ten degrees correspond allison kasich was among i am wearing a kind i'm close and that the repair the pantheon on several layers up uh i've got a hand warburton toe warmer than warmer everywhere i thought he um that is one way to repair and just keep moving president trump did the old urine welcomed in the new and a lavish party of more a lago and mr trump told reporters that he expects the new year to be tremendous also early in pasadena california but people already camped out lined up and ready for the tournament roses parade there are many reasons to come out for this annual new year's american tradition there are 44 flows completely.

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