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That in every turn He's he's a very loyal person he's the you know. The Milwaukee Bucks are the team that drafted him. They're the team that took him in. And you know made Milwaukee a home for him and his family And Look. I think that it's really interesting with how they've tried to build around him. And their attempts to go all in before free agency as opposed to keeping a few assets and pitching him on inability to build around him throughout his prime. But when I look around like he just doesn't seem like someone who will leave and until the job is done like I i. Just don't see that in him and his personality and and just he's not a quitter he's got too much backbone Too much resolve his not a quitter and unless they go out in super embarrassing fashion and it's clear as day that they've really missed Malcolm Brogden I just I feel like the the fact that he gets better every year the fact that they have this system that just works so well around him and a lot of the issues that they're likely to have if they do not win the championship are because of his own flaws and you see the improvements that he's already making with the three point shot and you know there's there's different areas that we've talked about that he can still get better at and so I just don't think he's GonNa Leaf and I think that also when you factor in all that money it's the supermax WCHS he's GonNa Take I love it. I'm going to shift gears on this podcast to another one that Zaylon Williamson then. We had some reports that he's back to practice with the Pelicans this week. But even before that I sent you my next bold prediction which was Zayn Williamson. We'll come back this year and he will make us forget that he was ever injured this season. And I know that sounds pretty hard to imagine given that it's been such a painful and the long wait here over the first couple months of the season. Where's I on? Why are the Pelicans on television without him again? God this sucks look how terrible they are the standings and everything else. I'm clinging to the memories of the preseason where he's just putting up monster numbers and crazy highlights and their offense looked so fun with him coming off the curls and and going downhill and I think that there are enough bad teams in the NBA. Right now it's pretty shocking. How many bad teams there are in the League? That's going to be able to come in and just do damage on a very regular basis against those teams. I'm not sure on like fifteen teams around the league. How they're really good deal with them? And I think that they're going to be in an adjustment period of like just trying to figure out the best way to guard him. I think he's going to have a big time impact and I'm not saying he's GonNa win rookie of the year because he's got such a You know a delayed start at other guys have been playing well. But I think that we're going to finally get our True Zion hype storm here over the next couple of months that we've been waiting patiently for I really since he left you so I had basically play the exact same thing except I took it one step further. I do think he's going to win. Rookie of the year and you are barbecue sauce bold all right keep going. Yeah so I mean Jonah ran has had a tremendous ricky air. Maybe he'll make the salt lake foolish but just Factoring in you know if they were to go into a bit of a Tailspin and and you know they load manage him as they have A little bit this season. There's really no other candidates that I feel like would I mean people want to vote for Zion. He's GonNa be Great. He's in a position. where the like the New Orleans? Pelicans have been terrible without him so he's positioned to have the narrative he can and You know they're only what five six games out of the eighty four. Say They could make a playoff push right exactly. So if he's the the the the catalyst there and the other candidates are like tyler hero and RJ. Barad in. I mean again John. Moran is probably the odds on favourite. But I don't know I feel Zion could win this award. Yeah so as of today Joe John Has a twenty eight game headstart. He hasn't played in every game for Memphis. That's pretty significant significant. I mean I don't think it's quite like Malcolm Brogdon type situation but we'll have to see how good sound is. And how quickly he is. I don't want to put too much pressure on here but I just think like in the back of my mind you know my my wheels are turning. I'm completely ready for my last bowl. Take your real quickly. I think we're we're going to have at least eight first time. NBA All stars this year. And I'm just GonNa give you some of the candidate names. I'm not saying all these guys are going to make it. But you got Jaylen Brown. Jason Tatum Pascal. SIAKA BAN OUTTA Baio democracy bonus. Malcolm Brogdon did Luca Danni Rudy. Gobert trae young Devon Booker Donovan. Donovan Mitchell Brandon Ingram. I think at least eight from that group can make it and maybe more I think Chicago all-star could look a lot different could feel different With all that new blood yeah. It's just a reminder that there's so much great talent in the League and this next generation coming up I I mean everyone here is Super Yang super inexperienced except basically a bear. That's really the only vet on this list Yeah it would be. It would be all these guys caliber. You could make all star caliber. You could make cases for each one of them breath. I'm glad that you put Jalen. Jason might might do children on the list. That was very nice of you and I. It seems to me that they're both locks in my opinion in but I'm sure we're going to go over this at a different time and date. I agree gritted teeth. I think they've got to be there. Boston steadiness so much of it goes to them you know and I oh I think even just positionally to finding spots for them on the rosters is not that difficult. Yeah and I mean. There's a couple other names that you could. We could throw on here that we've we've mentioned in the past. I think Spencer Dinwiddie is someone who is really making a push for for an all-star bid my guy devante grams fallen off a tiny bit. But I mean these guys are GonNa need name tags in Chicago. If we're just GONNA be wild of I'm looking forward to it. Did you have one more bowl. Take I have a couple. More one of them is yeah one of them super granular. But I feel like the open floor globe can handle it and I just want to get on the record with it in case actually happens I think that mantras herald will get a one hundred million dollar contract offer from the Atlanta Hawks. This summer wild. Wow you're even with the specific team. I like it are you. This sounds to me like you're just forecast Travis. schlink looking for his draymond he's looking for. I mean the Atlanta Hawks were in New York a couple of weeks ago and I had a chance to talk to Lloyd peers for a while after his pre-game scrum and we were just chatting reading about how you know everything about the Atlanta Hawks revolves around trae young not only trae young but trae young running pick and roll. That's that's what they focus on not like twenty four seven three sixty five. That's what it is. They want to be as effective as they possibly can and pick and roll with trae. Young and John Collins is a superb pick and roll partner but mantras Harrell is. I mean I think he's a next level pick and roll partner as we've seen with just how he operates with Lou Williams and if you're trying trying to accentuate trae young's strengths without necessarily allowing his weaknesses to grow. I feel like mantras just such a perfect fit with how they wanNA play in what they WANNA do. You can see it getting a massive payday this summer. I don't know this could be a test like the Kirilenko test with the Brooklyn Nets right. We're remember he got that crazy small contract. Everyone was like okay. Like what is pro if the clippers find a way to keep my trust herald this summer on a number that's like significantly only lasts what you're describing which I think is pretty accurate. Representation of what his market value is going to be. Are The questions about ball. Tampering really good a ramp up like I feel like this. There's GonNa be a very interesting test. Case for. The Microsoft Clipper ethics. You know what I mean. Yeah I mean I thought about that I if he resides there. You're right it's going to be and you didn't even mention the at a you know cast aspersions but Lou Williams contract which is just absolutely absurd in absurd deal like I. What is he making eight million dollars a year I think? And he's you know routinely one of the best offensive players off the bench in the League So we're going to get another investigation tight piece from Sam Amick of the athletic. You know quoting anonymous rival sources say. What are the clippers doing? I think we could Pencil Pencil. That in if mantras Harrell's back a reasonable number for the clippers. They will miss him though. I think it's a big looming potential story for them It'd be very very difficult to replace. Replace what he does for them. And I think you're absolutely right. There's going to be monster mega offers for him from other teams around the League as there should be. What's your last bold prediction I think that I wrote this down before Jonathan. Isaac suffered that in that knee injury last night in Washington. But I think either the Orlando Magic or the Detroit Pistons will blow it up entirely either before this trade deadline or or over the summer. So what does that even mean for the magic I mean what do they have that low up no disrespect to them but like who are they. Who are they blowing well? Yeah Yeah I mean. I think it's moving on from Aaron Gordon. Finally I think it's you know you Evans Who's going to be a free agent This summer I think you don't resign him. Or maybe you even realize you're not going to and you trade him before this year's deadline and then he would have. I would love to see him moved at this year's deadline. I think he's a piece that could help a lot of teams. I don't necessarily love his overall game. But he has approved score or plug and play type. Guy the expiring contract aspect fits. It's great yeah. And he's having a great year he should be on the market for sure. Yeah and then moving. It's that's a tough trade market and terrence errands. Ross the two guys that you sign this past summer but I feel like they just need to to start all over and I mean foltz looks really interesting which is good. He's I think he's going to be an NBA a player So that's awesome so you know rejigging at around him is Praying to God that Bomba is something and then you have some. You have an interesting defense. I nucleus nucleus there But like on the path that they're on they just don't have any foreseeable Ziebel way to get that number one offensive engine that they've not had basically since I don't even know said Stan. Van Gundy was the coach. No I hear Ya. There's not much reason to cling to what they've got they've been kind of treading water. I think that their new front office which isn't even that new anymore has has been like overly deliberate. Probably is the best way to phrase it and I think they're reach the point. Where like? Hey it's time to do something shake it up. Give the fans something to get excited about our Michael. We got a bunch of awesome questions from the globe. They came in throughout the holiday weekend. I tried to pick out some of my favorites. And we'll go through a few of them Dylan writes. It's after listening to the awards you guys shared on a previous episode about the the all decade awards. I thought of a few fund made up awards. You guys could possibly brainstorm storm and I'll throw in my own answers so he writes the most iconic performance of the two thousand ten was Lebron Two thousand twelve game six against the Celtics with Kobe. Bryant's farewell game a close second. That Dylan writes the most enjoyable period of basketball was Kevin Durant insane month during his. MVP season you'll remember. He had the just the crazy. Consistency factor Just night after night scoring scoring scoring. He said the feel-good story of the entire decade was Dirks Championship pitch abroad. He said the player who should it be forgotten was peak Blake Griffin earlier in the decade and his biggest wish of the decade was that Oklahoma City had waited one more year before blowing..

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