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You just can't do that even we saw zeke get shut down by the denver broncos but you still could not have run ever before the game and said you know i should say that that's what you have with melvin gordon you have to start him every single time i in and not worry i mean look orleans darko says it can be done is certainly does do you do you have any confidence and playing rivers or i think grandma receivers rivers is in the category of dalton this week where i think the dirt there's an opportunity there i prefer a different option 'cause i don't wanna play that game but they are at home in this case rivers has been very stream abol perfect yet and got a lot of weapons now with alan and williams and benjamin and in the other williams in hunter henry he had a solid game week one against them but it was really on the back of a a broken pulled big broken play kind of open things up for him he was mostly shut down the chargers throw the second most in the league so you know the volume attempts will be there i think you could do worse yeah the the the question so here is that's working to hell's where a big dinner philip rivers role may i will take philibert i'll take rivers as well yeah my ranking save big been but when push comes to shove right now i i don't know that that's really true because both of these defense is that they're facing are pretty good and i i trust rivers to sling around morin in it looks like he's got more options right now you know you you can you could score philip rivers melvin gordon or keene and alan her hunter henry there's there's a lot of different ways but hopefully you can avoid either of them.

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