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Other glasses felix grace frames are handcrafted from the same aotearoa used by the biggest signer brands in the world premium italian acetate i went for the touring horn colored frames and then into the jameson goss in whiskey she was the style that suits you don't you glosses don't worry there's no prescription necessary everyone can benefit from wearing a pro felix grace and to top it off all orders include free shipping and returns you have nothing to lose except blue light and glare get your own today go to feel great glasses dot com slash yoga girl to try a pair of felix greg losses right now that's felix great glasses dot com slash yoga girl felix gray glasses dot com slash yoga grow all of these things combined so like the fact that there was a siesta time the fact that they don't it's just i don't know why if it's just i guess it's part of culture i'm gonna i'm gonna say pretty i'm pretty sure about that but this this thing of like no we don't allow food to go because you know you you come here and you sit down and you eat right does not like at a takeaway restaurant takeaway restaurant in france would be like a pizza parlor or you know like mcdonald's would be away but not a a nicer restaurant and we are so used to everywhere we go you can just take the food home so it was kind of another a little bit of a shock and that combined with the fact that these restaurants they did not want to modify a single thing on the menu and i swear and it wasn't about the fact that anyone who was kind of like the waiter they weren't nice and kind because they really were and there was a couple of restaurants where we went to literally all the time and we were there for two and a half weeks so we had a lot of time to meet people and get to know them and there was one place where we were and they had one vegan lasagna on the menu so of course that's where we ended up going a lot i think i had that lasagna seven times or something in the end i mean give me that one more time i'm going to park at much and it wasn't like a great lasagna it was.

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