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The name of the dead man has yet to be released. But the outlet suggests this is something of a pattern July twenty seven to two thousand seventeen twenty six year old Gemmell more was discovered dead at bucks apartment. The LA county coroner's office ruled Moore's death and overdose caused by meth. A corners reports had drug paraphernalia was found in the home alone with sex toys and clear plastic bags containing what was suspected to be math. The LA county district attorney's office declined to. Buck saying the evidence was insufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. The buck was responsible for the death. And then bucks attorney said that Buckton have any involvement in that death. And then there's another problem, which is that a second dead guy showed up in his apartment whenever whenever it says another dead man shows up in your apartment, the another is the dead giveaway. You've got a real problem in August two thousand eighteen excerpts from Moore's journal or publicized in order to bolster a push for prosecuting. Buck led by Moore's mother, LaTasha Nixon in one such excerpt from December twenty sixteen Moore wrote than his become addicted to drugs and the worst one at that. Ed buck is the one to thank according to open secrets buck has donated tens of thousands of dollars to multiple Democratic Party candidates over the past few election cycles, including Hillary Clinton yellow ran for elected office. He supported a lot of various progressive causes throughout the this is not to suggest that only Democrats are engaged in this sort of activity because obviously that's not true. But it is worthy of note that this guy is a major democratic donor, and we will see if the media coverage continues to be. As long and comprehensive with regard to Ed BOK, as it would be if the guy will Republican, which I can fairly guarantee that it will not be okay. Other things that I hate today. So I just have to point out the idolatry that the Democrats have for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, it really is something astonishing Roger Simon who's a writer over at politico. He he he tweeted out a picture of better Ginsburg who is apparently ailing and he said if it were possible, would you subtract one day off your life and attitude better Ginsberg's life for one.

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