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On the upper level on the New York side and police on scene on the lower level. Get on the New York said right now the travel times inbound, George that's are on twenty five minutes. I'm Rebecca, Missouri. Our next report at eight fifty one on ten ten wins wins news time, eight forty two. Congress isn't a rare weekend session is house and Senate leaders. We're gonna compromise to reopen. The parts of the government that have run out of funding. Here's alley Rogan. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said the upper chamber will take no more votes until it's ready to consider a compromise Bill, no procedural votes votes, vote on a bipartisan agreement whenever that is reach President Trump is still insisting that any government funding. Bill contained five billion dollars in border wall spending, which Democrats call a non starter. I didn't governor Cuomo spoke with us earlier and says despite the partial federal government shutdown the state will intervene to keep many of New York's biggest tourist attractions open such as the statue of liberty. While we're watching government that its worse in Washington. This is true of liberty is a symbol of America at her best throughout the duration of the shutdown. The state will fully fund National Park Service personnel and cost of operations at the cost of sixty five thousand dollars per day as it has during previous shutdowns, according to thirties in New Jersey officers shot and critically wounded emotionally disturbed man inside the home of his parents this happened on Friday in Jersey City when officers responded to a call regarding an armed and violent man. And when officers arrived on the scene, they tried to calm, the thirty six year old man down. But authorities say the man then reached for a weapon one of the officers then fired at the man hitting him in the tour. So he was taken to Jersey City medical center where he is in critical but stable condition. Brad mcgurk the special presidential on ROY for the global coalition to counter ISIS submitted his resignation Friday this because of President Trump's decision to pull US forces out of Syria mcgurk became envoy to the international coalition fighting the Islamic state group in two thousand fifteen since then the militants have been driven from most of their strongholds, but they still hold a string of villages and towns along the frady's river in eastern Syria and have been holding off the US backed Syrian democratic forces over the past several weeks, the US military estimates about two thousand is fighters remain in the area to the Syrian observatory for human rights says the number could be as high as eight thousand at a State Department briefing earlier this month mcgurk said it would be reckless if we were just to say, well, the physical caliphate is defeated. So we can just leave. Now. Ben Thomas, Washington wins. News time, eight forty four. Your.

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