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What it is? With Kyrie Irving, Irving still on the roster, and I say no, because you can't play emea DOCA defensive system. No. With Kyrie. Out there for 40 minutes a game. It would be a disaster. We've seen it especially in the postseason. We're seeing it in this series right now. We've seen it for years when he doesn't have an amazing defense around him to protect him. It would help. It would still be a great defense, but it wouldn't be this good. And so in a way, now if the subjects continue this run and somehow get to the finals here, again, a long way to go, but in terms of their long-term trajectory, I think the possibilities of what this roster can become, the upside is almost better without Kyrie in the picture and all the baggage he brings. Yeah, because and I love this. I mean, this is homegrown. Like this is the approach that I wanted all the time. Back in 2018, right? So I'm writing for the sports hub website. I write a thing about why the Celtics should not trade for LeBron or sign LeBron or whatever, when LeBron was a thing and people were going out there trying to court him. And a bunch of people picked it up, you know, like deadspin kicked me around a little bit. It was just like, oh, great, you know, this is good. I'm getting some attention for my quote unquote, hot take, but really I just didn't want LeBron on the Celtics. And I wanted them to be a team that I could get to know, watch, grow, maybe raise my kid on a little bit, like these are some players that we can expect to see here, you know, we have a real kinship with them, like this is the ultimate goal. Again, I will keep saying this. I'm not going to come on here and get yelled at and called green teamer because I'm praising the Celtics right now and they haven't actually accomplished the ultimate goal. I think there is some reason to say that we really like what we're seeing here. And it's just, it's fun for me to have it go this way, particularly when everyone was naysaying. You know, that this wasn't the approach or the Celtics needed that third star. You know, like all the conventional MBA stuff they need to build a super team..

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