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Last hope play into their homes are he is precisely will be hope for. I know your heart has more within the men who come to watch not be scolded by my immediate. And Mary has been trying for years to get the two of them in the room together. And Elizabeth is you know, had a lot of people around are telling are now has also been quite intimidated. I think by an easing with Mary because she knows how sort of open and charming and unfair Maria's on. So for all those reasons, I it became this very sort of motion all day for the two of us. And you know, when we finally did get to see each other at that was as we were shooting. We hadn't seen each other at all the first half of the saying we're on either side of the washroom. And when I pulled back the sheets, and I finally see her face that was the very first time I had seen Margot in the flesh as Elizabeth and the first time she had seen may because we had stayed apart throughout rehearsals. And so the adrenaline that came from that was like nothing I had ever experienced on the phone the far. So you had never seen Margot Robbie in that make up that she wears out bright. Rig that she's wearing in that scene. No. So that was a natural reaction on your part of of shot were what was your reaction when you saw that make up? Yeah. I I was shocks. And and what I saw was a Queen who had really have to protect ourselves from the people around her uneven in away from herself from what she might want as as a woman, and as a person and had turned herself into a statue on on a something not sort of couldn't be touched. And another reason why we thought it would be effective to have the two women in the room physically together to see their appearances and how starkly different they are. And to see how they had both been pushed to this. So Elizabeth by the men around her and the pressure that she had been put under she had become Queen had pushed yourself into a situation where she became this empty shell. Of what she used to be an Mary when the other way and went into battle on FOX and was headstrong and she lost. Well, looking ahead, you're reunited with Greta gerwig, the director of lady bird next, and you're Joe and Little Women nother strong young woman who struggles for self determination and to get a foothold in a world dominated by. Yeah. Man. Have you watched any of the other adaptations of Little Women or do you stay away from performance? I haven't watched them since we started. We've wrapped now. But but now I had watched them growing up, and I had read the books growing up. So. Yeah. So it's been it's been really amazed and to get to play someone who sold below of done is so sort of admires and in literature sommes, and well are you feeling like you'd like to play a villain sometime soon? You're so wonderful. They got all the best teams, and they probably die at the end. So you have this like brilliant death saying? And you've got the best lines, and, you know, curly kale. And it's so I'd love to do that. Well, I wish you the best with this film. And I really wish you a villain part, and and a really juicy deaths. Thank you. Thank you, sir. Sharon, and she plays Barry stored in the new film Mary Queen of Scots. Coming up. These days Saigon is lit up like Christmas tree lane. We continue our series of holiday traditions around the globe with a look at how the Vietnamese and Vietnamese Americans celebrate the season. That's next on press play..

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