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Because that's the mainly in the pole to introduce by different ideologies, went troll and TV channels or other people who wait to Middle East. We are proud to be a native people of Marocco, but also North Africa, we have our own Islamic of practice, Tina, Marocco, very, very soft and very modern. Leaving on everyone's freedom and respect. Exactly. So strict as limit now. Actually, probably some confuses with the Middle East on a good example. Is there sweetie, which is more tribal Islam. So it's an Islamic of as we know it, the religion, which is a religion of of coexistence living in peace. But the interviews drive the ritual which is very strict and preservative and it is not the case in rural where the native people. I've always lived in peace and harmony and we had different civilization on our land that we would come them sometimes with a fight or sometime with the diversities our highlights, we are all different. But in the same time, one nation here is this who grew up in the Medina phase this ally. Do people come to Morocco? What's this thing off. Of course, Baptist sign, we have the beautiful weather. The landscape, of course, history history, and Rocco. Nice food. Nice people very friendly, and they see something exotic. That's not what you tell me before you say, people come to Morocco to see you. Of course, as his famous in all Morocco gets infamous the whole world. So they come to see me which you see. I mean to learn about from me to see junior jokes, I tell them about everything. You refunding man? Yes, thank you. Thank you down and he, we have Mohammed Muhammad. Why do pick who come to Morocco days? They come to Morocco for buying carpet and drink tea lot of mint tea. 'cause the maintain it's a for days yet and my wife. She told me stop Muhammed. No, Marvin t, I five kids, no more case number eight. Thank you, sir. Thank you very much..

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