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Of Mr Mom and National Lampoon's Vacation comes another Get breakfast Club W Ves CFM West Palm Beach, South Florida's sunny one of 79. Put on your red shoes and dance the blues so smooth. Crowned space you say run. With your left. You say Hi you Hi. How are you? What? Brave my heart so If you said Great to see you so much. Could you look wonderful? With you. If you say we owe you so much Listen. Hey, Come on now, Mona, shooting around. Come on, Mony. Hey, I feel all right now We gotta talk. He'll have me. What? Yeah, Yeah. Yeah. Damn. Well, good shaking boat and the boat and shot goes dead. Ana, Come on, Bo, that dumb cooking feet all right now. Dad. Come on, moaning God. Yeah, well Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, There's more music for your weekend and they're all eighties. It's a we love the eighties weekend on 7179. Good morning, It's Tracy. Let's raise a glass and films Pat Benatar. Story. That's OK still weighs. Let's get back. Around him and went to bed. Hey, come on, Don't fuck there. Okay. See, Abi? Yeah, every day on my beer. Two shots. Cooking with love history, my little heart sample wanting me before in my lipstick case show you mine. Yes. What is it? Hit me with your best shot Anyone better? Yeah. Gotten Alexa device. He there I am. Alexa, How are you guys.

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