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Raunchy and mail lady. Why would be bad if it wasn't also some nar. Ten eleven twelve year old girl woman is on a regular radio. Your facebook earlier monday rain. Big tiptop in this starts out bitch. Feel about that ticks. Because there's perverts and that will rely that. She knocked standard but with napa whatever his lover damage she gets it. That's the wrong way. Each read a book. The fact checkers will check. And they'll let so my whole. Tim is on alive. Checking your take us through food. But this false you're crazy. Though so society. Audi occurs auburn verse. Not four broke. That is by far the easiest measures. Stick right because if you put up some seeking or fight ups shares up there. Saying i just started my llc. Just start my business. I'm nails in her two tricks. I said are you serious. That's locked up. Cricket teams over blow up to four four. We need to john emerson. you know. Aesthetic time in is hard to do. And you know especially when you don't have patients patients is key like like love. Patients is like piece is a key is something that we need to consider yourself one every different every august which is about talking about these we live in a society that constantly requires is sick as right your microwave in that kitchen. Are we tell you what's in it but it's gonna cook your food fascinating king right so you said it took it took faces. What's the latest new bro. I'll have to wait 'til the six o'clock news was the result will be realized this week. Thank me for getting shit. we're worked. What is our kids wanna to do. There does remember. I'll remember one number. We just had this conversation. I i see everybody wants it. Three numbers you know by heart. Nobody during he likes sunday. Think you get phone calls from courteous off players numbers by jewish numbers. You have montana that with nineteen eighty to ninety five nineteen eighty two also website. Now the teenager outlying football so if he wore number fifty six he wore number he wore happened between us. Others numbers. Not you five. Six twenty two s kevin love. I remember quaker now. Tom outside of my outside of my my dad. Don't use his own really because he's beatings. Were found my my spouse. Can you tell you my kids know. Gonna you know if that's what i tell you. I got my phone. Is going straight home. Because i i can't remember enough number so i can go home on a charter to rio but what i want to go back you habla. Society right is all about instant gratification. Okay you said thirty days back. You don't even mind that. That's still instant gratification right. You do all that you hold everybody around you. Accountable mostly volatile so light went then when somebody else tries to hold you accountable for your worst feel offended you talk about me much going on out so a lot of people finding selves find themselves trying to defend themselves but you countable there's nothing you can say gotta. Nobody never taught how to do that. Hell got done. I'll let him home especially when you Tom sorry we this over. Because i knew i walked up right but i didn't know gay. Was i apologize over. I didn't know how to do it once i go. I don't say sorry. yes also football. He played to the day. I walked up though inclusive. It game and i apologize. I right i. This sort. he lacked. I wanted him to realize that i was like bank or ziadeh. Alba right let me tell you what happened was of eagles and off now. He is operatives. I also a around me see high minimum was but it was called whatever wherever you want to put any girls that would rather be real man. You want show when it comes up..

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