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Last week it was ten to twelve now we're down to five and six yeah i can see where we're going here eventually jack talk we'll just totally disappear we'll jack i just wanna let you know that you're accelerating its demise i know i'm kidding i'm kidding you said yet five or six minutes story we got five or six minutes before john beeline but what do you got one i got is a talking to one of four eric dandy a linebacker at western kentucky university's coaching down in louisville butler and talking about prospects and and eric dandy brought up one of the great stories that was told to him by us at western kentucky and it was about a guy named freddy soft oh yeah freddie softy said stays with him even today he's reminded of freddie and each and every day of his life and the story went that there was a four inch guy for inches four inches tall and the reason he's four inches tall so he can sit on your shoulder and talk to you about all the reasons that that you shouldn't work hard and you shouldn't you shouldn't sweat and you shouldn't give your best effort and we always told us story during the two a day practices in the fall is to be aware of this guy freddie soft four inches tall he wears a cape and it's it's a scarlet and gray cape and it has a an old on the back of it any as a breastplate and and a kind of a helmet like a spartan and he he's got these arched eyebrows and an hooked nose and in his teeth rather jagged and he talks to you like golly son is awfully hot you're sweating out here there's probably other places you could be there swimming pools here in town there's places where you wouldn't have to have these shoulder peasants maybe you shouldn't be playing football and then he talks about slow down a little bit you're going to fast you don't have to be the fastest guy you can be right in the middle of the pack or sometimes it's not even bad to be last and freddie keeps talking to you about this and then if you start listening.

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