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Nine seventy WFL a Welcome back we're with our trust and garden talking, about his work terror of the future and. We will take your calls next. Hour he'll be doing readings for you and when you do those readings, are? All, you need is a question right yeah How many cards. Do you. Pick three three little cards okay all right excellent so in the book Chiro, the future raising spiritual consciousness tell me about. That portion well sure see one, of the ideas that runs through the book is something I call the, Jetsons? Effect And that is, in reference to the you. Remember this choice the animated. Sitcom, produced. By Hanna Barbera in nineteen sixty two the Jetsons or regular family living in a futuristic utopia With elaborate you know robotic contraptions aliens holy, grams and looms ical inventions right, but they retain a similar, level of consciousness as their cartoon cousins the Flint stocks So that's kind of, how I see, we are where we are now, we're living in this high tech world we, have smart, things and we're very much addicted to..

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