Senator Lindsey Graham, Samsung, South Korean Ministry discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia


Financial system and ultimately the party's legitimacy to rule rashaan salaam at bloomberg daybreak asia hongkong well japan's prime minister and his cabinet reshuffle getting underway the today and we gotta baxter covering global news from our bloomberg 960 san francisco newsroom at right exactly brian we've been reporting to you that fumio case should it will be out nhk is now saying that the prime minister avi will pick to women and retain five others in the cabinet thing suge also aeci cycle and yoshino the her sasaki who is a jp morgan chase japan research director says the polling is going to be very very tough to turn around and just the usual fiscal spending or a pact scott of appropos our eyes not enough to push out there or of our evening the election is in september 2018 for ldp shift russian sanctions bill forest on you as president trump has been signed but not before the president protested saying it among other things will bring china north korea and russia closer bloomberg's margaret tell of really his complaints fall into two categories one is encroachment on executive authority that's the predictable part and the second is the idea that everyone from afghan dan to germany could be impacted by this sort of downstream in terms of the application of the russian sanctions margaret says a next he's trying to give a path for congress to rescind this also trying to send the message to allies that he stuck with it germany already expressing concern congress wanted to make sure that he unilaterally soften that he did not not unilaterally soften sanctions and passed the legislation overwhelmingly senator lindsey graham has a very interesting perspective hasn't putin has done something that nobody else in america could do unite the congress south korea saying today it's not looking for reunification or artificial reunification or collapse of north korea but it says the nuclear ambitions must be curbed by taking on south korean ministry spokesman saying we believe the us policy on north korea also maintains a fundamental position of imposing maximum pressure and intervention on that north korea jay wily vice chaird has samsung rejecting allegations that he paid bribes stupor end of south korea's former president park to secure support for a key merger he's uh for the.

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