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Stone magazine. Put out their list of the 500 greatest songs of all time. They did that. Back in the early two. Well, they've revamped the list quite a bit, and we'll see if you agree with their top 10 or any of it now. Yeah, that's fine. Uh, plus, if you need a slave or somebody murdered log onto Facebook, what their stay with us for that what you're going to have her services or what's that under your going to have to get used to gender pronouns at work and plus the new U. S. Australian sub deal Has China hopping mad? And who gives us blank? So I've got a few people in my orbit that do the pronoun thing on their emails. I got to admit, I tend to think Here a bit of a nut. And it made me get a certain view of you If you do that. Like, you know, doesn't it's not disqualifying in my mind like to be a friend or of, uh, business partner or anything like that? No. Get back to the missing gala discussion. It's evidence. It's not proof. It makes me a little wary. Mm. Unless you're young young people. I realize it's a you know, you're all everybody all your teachers have told you to do that. So Why wouldn't you? But I wonder at what point it crosses over to where if you don't have your pronouns at the end of your email It's kind of a, uh I don't know if I want to do business with him. Right when it reaches critical mass on the other side. I get what you're saying. I wonder when that happens. I could see that happening in a couple of years. Well, I am going to go with really jokey. You know, Your Royal Highness, my prime program zone are your Royal Highness Uh, Your Highness Smileys. Then you will be a guy who doesn't take gender fluidity seriously, And you will correct from society. Fine. Do not use gendered language took Cool dress. Everyone count because, uh, yes. Yes, I, uh What was I going to have No forwarding address, either. Goodbye. Goodbye. Um This should be the biggest story in the country. It's story Number one on Fox and maybe the Washington Examiner and nowhere else. It's this one stunning footage out of Del Rio, Texas. On Thursday, thousands of migrants crammed under the international bridge waiting to be processed after crossing illegally into the.

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