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That's gonna take some time. All goes a five step, dropped ball's. Gonna be out like that. So a five step drop more. I know the balls out I can attack line of scrimmage. I can actually run block that. And even if I with, they're not getting my quarterback because balls out so quickly. So when you have the integrity of balance, you have an opportunity to take an offense of line. That's been marginalized to some degree because of injury, and because of young players and make them really good, make them look like they can shine. And that's really what happens when you have that going on. They have in Dallas last week, Jackson NFL teams do adjust is a sustainable to me. No. So I disagree with one the reason why is his only two quarterbacks in the recent NFL era that have been able to do it in do it successfully in the reason why? Because they're freaks of nature recently Cam Newton when his MVP season, he's the only guy that's been able to do it. He's also the best running quarterback in the history of this game when people say, well, what about Michael Vick? Michael Vick was unable able to do in his team to the promised land. They get to the Super Bowl Colin Kaepernick. The other guy, only guy that could do it why he's a free six, five, two, twenty five to thirty. And neither one of these guys came a little more so than cap. They don't get hit square an awful lot. So that has a lot to do with the Shawn Watson, we saw him last week's game. I mean he got banged around he, oh, I can do this. No, you can't laps lung. There's only a couple of people that been able to do it. So that's the reason why he s you can win a game or two. Yeah, you might build a win your division. You might be able to get through the wildcard round, but in the end of it Cam Newton, what brought him down the rush of the rush of the Denver Broncos in his inability, throw the ball down the field. Colin Kaepernick had one play the Bill to win the Super Bowl, throw a fade pattern to Michael Crabtree. He couldn't build a dude at. So ultimately at the end of it, the guys that win and win big in this league, they do it. From the pocket. So if the Dallas Cowboys as long as that is their quarterback, if they want to run him, no, you might win a couple of games, but as a fan of the ultimate, the Super Bowl, you're not gonna build a win the Super Bowl and why? Because the history of this league it tells us that has proved out to be in two thousand eighteen. It's more important to have a passer than ever. The score of this game is misleading to how the Cowboys offense actually work. They scored forty points. You would think, okay. In today's NFL score, forty points down the field pass. It's not what happened at all. The reason why I would temper my enthusiasm bit. If I were the Cowboys despite Dax performances, tax, rushing threat, didn't add. They're passing attack his right around his average for the year, which is sub two hundred yards per game. It all is gonna come back. We can ask this question a lot of different ways. It's gonna come back to the same answer right now, the Cowboys. What is their problem on offense? They have a quarterback who at this moment is limited. ID throwing the football down the field, and they have the least explosive group of wide receivers and the NFL I add in for just go on that list. Well, not anymore Goodwin be attracts our last night and bureau..

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