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For for a while. And then the last thing he says is those are all people in the community and people that go to school here and it's it's true it drives me out of my mind when when i've warned the mask and and had to wear to church and i mean it feels like you're suffocating. The whole time. I don't know how kids do it for a whole day. I can't for six or seven hours at school. i. I can't imagine it not. I don't know how you're doing it at work when you have to wear it all day at work. I just i couldn't i couldn't. I'd have to quit. Because i can't take it. Start coming unglued after a while is like another society within a society. I think god that. I'm not in that and i don't be listening now or forced to not only wear masks but i know i don't know how is this. We are being segregated in so many ways then in this same hudson ohio School board meeting the mayor shows up to discuss the boards Kids and that they're they're Remember we played the austin School down there the sexuality and the books though. Yeah same thing happening here. it's all well. Okay members of the board. Monday ms creek schubert the mayor of this city. It has come to my attention. That your educators distributing essentially what is child pornography in the classroom spoken with judge this evening. She's already confirmed that someone give you a simple choice. Either choose to resign from the board of education or you will be charged..

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