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Franklin on K G O eight ten do not want to hear from a president who was unwilling to go under oath as a subject of this investigation attack. A report where others so willingly did go under oath. He has no credibility to the state of the evidence will not include his testimony. And so anything he says about it. I think she'd be deemed irrelevant. Hi, Dr Franklin. At the end. Or is it a new beginning the mall report was delivered to attorney general William bar, and it's the end of this two year investigation that has dominated Trump's first two years in office. Joining us right now is senior editor the Washington Post. Mark Fisher, Mark, you know, it's interesting to see the things that have that have developed in just since it's been released listening to everybody. What's your takeaway? Well, we don't really know much of anything at this point. Except for the fact that folks at the Justice department are saying that they indeed not recommends not recommending any more indictments. So this is really the end of that investigation. But that doesn't mean that there won't be further actions down the road from other. Prosecutors federal prosecutors in New York and Washington and northern Virginia. Also doesn't mean that there won't be action on the part of congress where they could congressional investigations are really just getting underway. Just gearing up and very much want to use the material that Muller has collected to determine what they wanna do. So this is far from over. But I think what we'll see in the coming hours and days is the president doing what of his classic pivots where the same investigation that he has derided and attacked for being rigged and conflicted. Any illegal? We'll Eddie minute. Now, become one of great honor and integrity because it didn't indict him. Is it possible? There are sealed indictments. No, we've been told that there are no sealed indictments, and there are no indictments recommended. This is the end of the investigation into the indictments. I'm really fat at fascinates me. Because I Trump junior was going around saying he thought he was going to be indicted, and a lot of people thought they were going to be indicted and a lot of people are going to breathe easier. Sleep well tonight for the first time in a couple of years, but they can't they're not entirely out of the woods. Because as I mentioned there are these other investigations in the southern district of New York in in Washington DC northern Virginia. And so there's there's more coming, but as far as the central question of the president's culpability involvement in anything to do with the Russian. Interference in the election. The most folks seem to have concluded that there's nothing indictable. We'll see what they actually confused about the fact pattern we make learn that as soon as this weekend. Won't there have to be with such a comprehensive report won't have to go to Intel decalcification won't they have to show at the CIA NSA and say is this okay to release? This is all been presented by Muller's people. Obviously, it will be in addition. Looked at by the people at the Justice department, but anything coming out of office would been thoroughly vetted for that kind of really already how how would they vetted if I mean, so you're saying that CIA and NSA where they were brought in during the investigation. No think about that's what I mean. It's like molars people will have done that already. They will take a look at what what they believe is releasable, and what isn't a now with up to Bill bar the attorney general to make that determination. And his folks are saying that they should have that done in a matter of hours. It is interesting to see that Muller was unimpeded for this whole two years and thwarted at any point by anyone congress other than the president refusing to speak to them. Right, right. Yeah. Yeah. That's interesting. So this obviously he could come out and say that Trump was an unindicted co-conspirator, which would be probably the strongest language that would would come out of this, right? But I would not anticipate that because the rules governing the social counselor pretty clear and the Justice department policy has been stated over and over again lately by people like run Rosenstein, and the new attorney general, which is that if they are not indicting someone they are not going to talk about side persons misdeeds. So there will be no at least eight in the public version of this. They will be no discussion of, hey, here's the bad things that these people did they're just not indictable. So that's the kind of material that congress really wants to get some more. And that's the next big flight will be how much of that background material will be forwarded to congress for their investigations. Because there could well be a lot of material on there that does not speak kindly of any number of people the president on down, but doesn't rise to the level of an indictable criminal offense. Smart post senior reporter Mark Fisher with chicken account Keijo. Here's my thought though, I if bar is going to address the nation or notify congress of the special counsels principal conclusions as soon as this weekend. And it's that comprehensive report he must have been looking at it before. I mean, that's the next forty eight hours. I doubt that I think mother give him Muller detail the points. I give him the bullet points or otherwise. How will he be able to deduce that? Well from what we're told. It's not a lengthy report. This this is nothing like I think in the public imagination. This is like the star report or the Watergate investigation where you end up with this massive volume of all kinds of evidence. This is a kind of top line sort of like summation of what they found. It is not a person by person accounting of what each person did or didn't do. So I don't think. These are all these plans for using the mall report is a book and all of that. I think if those go ahead it's gonna be all gonna be awfully sin books. Interesting. So you don't think I'll have anything in there about Manafort or gates or popadopoulos or any of these side figures Seder? For those folks who've been indicted, certainly be a fair amount of detail about them because they've been indicted, but you know, will there be new detail beyond? What was in those indictments were have they already essentially shown us their cards in those indictments that remains to be seen. But it's entirely possible that we won't learn a whole lot from this one last thing here. I just take for example, the Trump Tower meeting, right? The real question. There was did Trump junior tell his father they were going to meet Russians to get dirt on Hillary Clinton. And that's of course, the central question to whether or not the president was part of this collusion with Russia was obvious that everybody else was just whether he was not and and by Trump going up into the tower, Trump junior to to get that information. Whether or not, that's I mean, that's pretty much. It's a crime. You know what he's trying to do. I mean this law specifically says, you know, dealing with foreign powers and US elections. And so I'm wondering like will they explain what will we get an explanation of why there aren't indictments? I wonder you'd probably not it's pretty clear under Justice department rules that so you're not going to be indicted. There's no information publicly released about you or the investigation into you. So that seems unlikely the only way that stuff would come out would be the folks in congress somehow prevail upon the Justice department to hand over all of that background material. That was the answer exactly your question. And then, of course, if it goes to congress leaks. So that's that's how that would come out. But sort of the Justice department agreeing to do that this could well be buried an immersion. Somebody's memoirs ten twenty years down the road. So congress obvious all congress can do is recommend to Justice. If they think somebody should be prosecuted, and then it kind of goes back into that whole wheelhouse again, right? Well, sure, I mean impeachment. I mean right can impeach in. Congress can hold people in contempt and those kinds of things and when you hold somebody in contempt don't you? It's still you send that to Justice and Justice it, right? They may or may not. I mean if they can choose. Yeah. I get you. Okay. It's gonna be a busy weekend. And so we we don't have any idea when bar's gonna make this announcement Saturday or Sunday, but we're hearing that it could be as soon as this weekend not necessarily this weekend, and that would be kind of a top line summary of conclusions. Probably a patriot to that sort of thing. I know you're really busy. I appreciate the time. Mark. Thank you so much. Again, Mark Fisher senior editor of the Washington Post. Yeah. I mean, I think I I those I sense disappointment in his disappointment in your voice as well. I think I think what the lab indictments. I think it's the big question there like I'm on Twitter like following people. And they're very confused about why, you know, Trump saying basically, I fired Comey for two right because the rush thing like, why aren't those things, and is it because I've district is going to be whatever that Komi thing. I've heard pro federal prosecutors say that the president has the right to fire somebody for any reason and the Russian was rush investigation was looking for a conspiracy. Right. And he said, I find him because of that Russia thing that can be interpreted into a lot of different, you know. Wasting excusing. He's wasting his time investigating you. Yeah. You know? I mean, it seemed to me like you said that's classic obstruction of Justice. But I mean, obviously, it's not again like I've said all the time. I just want. Whatever information we can get to be gotten from the mall report. Let's move. I'm not quite that dispassionate about it. But you know, I it's nothing if it's a nothing burger. Trump Tower is a perfect example of that though. But also of the the money laundering, the the the the whole connection the lies the year of lying with Cohen told us they were lying for year about having these back door deals about at Trump Tower while he's running for president. And you know, again, anything less why would Putin what anything to do with Trump? Right. I mean, I think those are the answers that we want. But if it's anything less than collusion or conspiracy. I think that everybody will give him a pass on. I don't know. But I mean, I really do. I think that people are just so itching if not everything else is fine. Well, I mean lay. But no, I mean, there's a lot of there's a lot else that can happen here. I mean, New York state the southern district in a pre ours. Talking about this. You know, that Trump is vulnerable only once he's out of office, right? I don't know. I mean, there's no there's nothing in the constitution. That says that that says that they can't state can't file charges against the president nited states. Okay. We'll see. I guess. No. I mean. Has it ever played out though? I mean if for president if the president went up to New York and shot somebody on Fifth Avenue in and took a plane back. You know, that would be a I mean by leaving the scene and coming to another state that would make it a federal issue. But again, you know, he controls the Justice department at that point. Obviously, I don't know what to what degree. He would do something that would cause him to be impeach eight hundred eighty eight ten you're welcome to to weigh in on this. I will be talking about this big chocolate day. The mother report if you just joined us has been delivered to the attorney general attorney general says he will address congress with this and talk about this weekend talk about the principal conclusions that whatever that means the big news. I guess is that inside this report. There are no more indictments which surprises. And you know, unless there's a reason that I just can't see, you know. I it does sad me to see the Trump junior and Jared Kushner Kushner's, I mean, I know there's a lot of journalists right now that right and and deal with this a lot that..

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