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We had Debbie does doughnuts in Fort Collins. What was that, like? Was that like an X rated donut joint? What is that? Look that up? Debbie does doughnuts or maybe don't. I'm not looking it up on a radio station when that was in Colorado? Yes. For Collins. Oh, actually, I just found it. By the way the doozy is, ah, cuz is that does Oh, now, here's misty was a topless doughnut shop. By the way, That's what he looked at a pawn. Gotta work Computer. By the way, there's nothing no pictures here and it's if you type in Debbie Dio eat donuts. It gives you a description of what it wass. Do not click images. All right. So what did it get closed down? Obviously, yes, there was actually back in 2014. There was Michael Oh, there was 600 Vegas In June of UH 1989 More than 600 people flooded the Fort Collins High School gym for a rally. At which Larimer County Sheriff Jim Black referred to the donut shop as a front.

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