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Again this movie interests all these characters but doesn't do anything interesting with them so it wolford grimly does nothing mccleary. Guess he goes on a mission. But it's not a particularly interesting mission and he's got one hand. Oh that's right. They introduce that later and that ties into the doberman story honestly. I thought those dobermans were the highlight of the whole movie i. My dog didn't like those documents. I'll tell you that. But when they start doing like tight rope walking. I mean the fact that they set it up whereas like you know remote. Goes up onto a scaffolding in this building. These like ha ha the dogs get up here and then we see two dogs jump up and pulled down a fire escape with their teeth. I was like i'm on board. I buy this one hundred percent. These dogs in tandem tandem cam. It was synchronized that these dogs jump at the exact same time it was like in john wick. Three were halle berry. Has the two german shepherds at work in synchronized movements. That's what these two dobermans did. Honestly i i don't know what the film is going for. At any given point it goes back to tone again. But these dobermans like that there is even a shot whether dog is considering going over the tight rope like the dogs actually thinking about it. If my extra shirts the dogs like And then low behold he walks across up. You can say it's like a matte painting he's will on. But what does it be the last visit. Want me to take it seriously. I know that's the thing it's like half spoof movie half. We want you to take this seriously because you have the moment where remo. It's like right around. That dog sequence like a rattler runs up his pant leg and he's pulling the whole like ooh ooh back and forth and it's like okay. It's like i'm watching the naked gun. I guess yeah i. I don't know what to make that. There's only one more like good thing. I wanna shout out. And i think i'm going to start wrapping up. Yeah the i wanted to stick knowledgeable like going back just to guy. Hamilton diamonds are forever has the same kind of issue. Where like it's super campy. And i think what we enjoy about that movie. And i look forward to tackling on the podcast is the camp value and just how silly it is and how it lives in a world of camp. The movie diamonds are forever. Doesn't ask you to really invest in the action sequences and. I think that's the difference here. Is that this movie. Wants to be really silly a lot of the time but then once you to care about very elaborately constructed action sequences. It's also like the way things that diamonds are forever. Show is quite cheerful and colorful. Even the layabout films that he did as well whereas that scene with the folks that whole infiltration into the place to do a thing. I don't remember is badly. It's like gray and black. You can't make anything out stahl. Well i mean in the eighties..

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