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Hey everyone I'm David Chalian the CNN political director and this is the daily DC. Thanks so much for listening today on the podcast he did it again president trump on the south lawn of the White House today before he departed for Florida sort of hearkens back to what we saw him do as a candidate in July of two thousand sixteen. You'll remember when he said Russia. If you're listening dig into Hillary Clinton's sounds emails well today he did that with China. He didn't say China if you're listening but he said that China should investigate his political critical rival the Biden's Joe Biden Hunter Biden his son as you know because you've read the transcript and you've seen the impeachment inquiry begin in earnest just the president's asking of the Ukrainian president on a telephone call to investigate the Biden's is the very heart of the matter of the impeachment inquiry right now and now the president is just adding countries. It seems to the to the tally so while in the midst of of an impeachment inquiry centred on him asking a foreign leader to investigate the Biden's he asked another foreign country China to investigate the Biden silence. This shouldn't come as too much of a surprise for folks because he's been telegraphing his interest in China portion of this story as well. We claims without proof that Hunter Biden took one point five billion dollars out of China when no other funds could get money out of China Hunter. Biden's spokesperson has a push push back on that and explained that at the time Vice President Biden was vice president Hunter Biden was making no money out of his arrangement in China so again. Donald Trump to the world on national television used the power of the United States Presidency Agency to call on a foreign nation to investigate a domestic political opponent of his you know that'll be up to the members of the house else that right up articles of impeachment as to whether or not that is abuse of power. It'll be up to the United States Senate as a jury to acquit or convict him. If indeed that is is an article of impeachment but it is certainly hard to argue that this behavior fits anywhere in the constitutional norms of our country. I want you to hear for yourself. Here was president trump in his own words on the South Lawn today well. I would think that if they were honest about it that sort of major investigation the Bison so very simple answer they should investigate to buy because how does a company that's duly formed and all these companies take a look at it and by the way likewise China should start an investigation into the budget because what happened in China is just just about as bad as what happened with with Ukraine so I would say that President Alinsky if it were me I I would recommend that they start an investigation into devices because nobody has any doubt that they weren't working. That was their crooked deal. A hundred percent they had no knowledge of energy didn't know the first thing about it all of a sudden. He's getting fifty thousand dollars. A month was a lot of other things nobody has any any doubt and they got rid of a prosecutor who is a very tough prosecutor. They got rid of now. They're trying to make it the opposite way but they got rid so if I were the president. I would certainly recommend that of you now. I don't think the president did this by accident. At all. I think he's trying to do a couple of things here one he's clearly trying to be the country's news organizations assignment editor and everyone going and doing stories on Hunter Inter Biden's business dealings in Ukraine and China. There's little doubt about that. That's crystal clear but I also think that by by doing this in public you know this isn't a phone call. He got caught on and the transcript was released. He's trying to say this is how much there's nothing nothing wrong with what I'm doing. I'm saying right here out in the open. This is how it how it can't be an impeachable offense. Why would I be committing impeachable offense here on the South Lawn of the White House in front of television cameras so it's sort of the argument I think he's making by doing it by exhibiting this behavior and it is to muddy the waters and to have this become as much a partisan food fight as possible so that the dramatic revelation of the president using his office on a phone call with a foreign leader and also also withholding foreign aid from that country at the time within ask they investigators political rival. He's trying to make that seem just normal and okay and and it's clearly not there's nothing normal about it but that's the president's goal here so by adding China by doing on the South Lawn. He's normalizing that behavior therefore he is trying to make it into just a partisan food fight rally republicans around him. Make sure there are no cracks there and then beat beat back these charges the way that he beat back molar attacking the prosecutor attacking the members of Muller's team trying to who politicize it as much as possible so people viewed it through their partisan lenses and by the way it might work. We did see that the partisan lenses dictated how Americans viewed the entirety of the Mueller investigation in our recent poll on impeachment. We did see some movement among among Republicans but we'll have to see whether that's just temporary in the immediate aftermath of those revelations or if that's a permanent shift donald trump might be trying to get every partisan. I'm back into their corner on this issue because that will be firmer footing for him from which he can fight this impeachment inquiry. He is a master at trying to muddy the waters. Give his supporters something to rally around and polarize and create as much partisan tension as possible so that there is not a consensus in the body politic about his behavior that it is always sort of depending from where you are how you see it again. There is nothing normal about this behavior. There is zero as the Republican congressman. Mike Mike Turner said the other day in the hearing with deny Mr President you know to you on that phone. Call that phone call was not okay. That's what the Republican Republican Mike Turner said neither is it okay for the price of the United States to call on China a country in which he's engaged in a massive trade war and in courage them to investigate his domestic political opponent that is not okay either and it certainly gives more fodder for the Democrats as they pursue their impeachment inquiry but it is also going to provide donald trump a more polarized universe in which he can engage in this battle and that's where he likes to be so I would would not dismiss this as like Oh. My God Donald Trump Jr just put his own nail in his coffin. I don't think that's clear at all from what he did today. I think he knows exactly what he was doing today so once again sort of shredding constitutional norms but don't misconstrue that with certain right and political defeat in the impeachment battle. They're two very different things that does it for this edition of the daily. DC thank you all so much for listening hope. 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