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Be clear. This is the second of two back to back episodes that focus on how we can be a lot better at using slides to teach than we often are that is identifying common practices. That don't work very well for learning and then finding out some simple ways determine around to make our teaching with slides work way way better and i'm absolutely talking about slides that we may use our lectures. I'm including slides that we used to ask or to set up discussion questions slide. We used to introduce case studies slides. We uses references as we draw out. Sketches on the whiteboard slides. We use in short video previews reviews well just to all the different ways that we might use slides and i also wanna point out fits intentional. That i'm bringing up a few things that you may have heard in past episodes. I'm bringing them up in different ways in different context for a few reasons not the least of which is to allow repeat them. Yep that's how we learn right if i tell my students once that signal transaction at some membranes is important and here's how it works. Well they're not gonna learn anything. If i just do that once. I have to bring up that core concept when we talk about. Oh i don't know sanad cranes mission and again when we talk about sensory reception and again we talk about ormeau no signaling and again. Well you know every time it comes up. That's what we do. So that students finally get it. So think of these slide skills in slide strategies as i don't know core concepts for teaching with slides and in that spirit of repetition or layer ring or whenever you wanna call it. Let me quickly run through some of the core concepts discussed earlier. That is an episode ninety five even if you just listened to that episode which really is a good idea to listen again before you listen to this one..

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