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It's graduation time. I went to my daughter's college. Graduation on Saturday. So pretty, you know, who spoke was awesome. She got an honorary degree Joanna Hoffman. Oh, yeah. She's the Russian emigre who yells at Steve Jobs in the Steve Jobs. Movie, though, the oil, one remember, there's a woman, I think she played by Kate Winslet. I think she was she comes in. And she's the only person can say Buddha, Steve Joanna worked at apple. She was on the original MacIntosh team wrote the business plan and the first marketing plan for MacIntosh later, went with Steve to next later went to General Magic where she was instrumental in creating the first smartphone, amazing woman. A great story. She told her life story. She came from Russia at the age of seven spoke knowing which, and talked about how she integrated and she her major was archaeology. She was fastened by physics archaeology, and it was just very lucky. Steve Jobs, loved her hired her and the rest is history. She was a great commencement speaker, Tim cook spoke to the class at Tulane university. The class of two thousand nineteen. That's enormous. It's a big school. They had the entire Superdome. The Mercedes Benz Superdome where the saints play for their graduation. He said, a few interesting things including apologizing for our generation. He said, we really well, it really screwed it up and gen-x would it which is at the now he's younger than me. I'm a baby, boomer. Okay. I don't think he's a he's a boomer. Is he a boomer? He's he's apologizing for the boomers. Yeah. We did kind of screw things up. I apologize for the boomers as well. You didn't teach us what suffering was Leo. He's everything for granted. You know, there's a lot of he says, in some important ways, I wish we have the video, because I'd like to his it some important ways much interaction has he ends up. And I ended up sounding like Bill Clinton generation has failed, you, we spent too much time to baiting and had been too focused on the fight not focused enough on progress. I guess he is a boomer because he's only four years younger than me. So he says you don't need to look far to find an example of that failure. Of course he's in New Orleans, where Katrina into. Thousand five just destroyed the place here today in this very place with thousands once found desperate shelter from one hundred year disaster. Remember the Superdome was home to a lot of people flooded. Out the kind that seem to be happening, more and more frequently nudge, nudge, I don't think we can talk about who we are as a people what we owe to one another without talking about climate change. The problem doesn't get any easier based on whose side wins or loses an election. True. It's about who's ones life's lottery and has the luxury of ignoring this issue, and who stands to lose everything..

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