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S so my hope My prayer is that this will dissuade any of the anybody who's planning any violence on this upcoming Wednesday to hold off and to run away. It's morning. Talk with Martha's all or 775352911 Eun, also Texas that that number and we got a couple of phone calls holding that we're gonna get to But before we do that out, and well, welcome, Alleghenies with me today. Thank you so much. You know, I am offended by how The story is being covered about vetting the National Guard and my dad was a New Jersey National Guard he served proudly in World War two was called up was a POW. And they pay presentation of this vetting as being something new. Is disingenuous. And I'm offended by that. I checked with the general from the National Guard last night because I was saying I've been in those security bubbles before they vet everybody. Okay, so vetting someone who's going to be that close to the president. United States is a common practice by the Secret Service, and I think it's disingenuous by media. To be covering it as if it's something new. Yeah, but I'll go back to what Greg Abbott said in Texas last night that you know he is offended that they're checking out these National Guardsmen and I'm not saying I agree. But at the same time check vetting them when they are pledged. They take the oath of office. If you will to protect and defend this country, which I believe goes further into the Into this mix, then the Democrats are are allowing. I have no problem with the vetting. I have a problem with singling out the National Guard as somehow needing more, and that's what I'm offended by. Let's go to the phones and talk to Jo in L A. J. Hey, Joe, how you doing? Great show is always I just want to mention that I've got a leadership classic pose barbecue. I've got 79 young people who I think could be President. United States and I was just encouraged Alan Martha, Certainly somebody in Gainesville you all have a lot of five leaders over there. Started leadership class like I have in L, a Jade George win, and I and it to motivate and inspire the young people to get involved in politics, Theo Protect free enterprise and capitalism and tell him about the dangers of socialism. But he spent a great thing You know it really in fires me up to talk to these great young people, because when I was that age Didn't all I was interested in was being present student body Georgia taking pretty girls. But these kids know a lot more than I did. And so I'm very encouraged by young leaders and boy, we need to train him because You know what's going on today and I just wanted to encourage you and you and my Sal to try to find somebody in games. We've got a lot of fine leaders over there. I like CIA leadership class and every community in America. Because so many of these young people don't understand free, enterprising capitalism and the dangers of socialism and it would be wonderful toe have in every in every community in America leadership class of of outstanding young people, and I just wanted to throw that out. I know you got other collars, so I'll get off. Would you have a great show? Appreciate you allowing me to participate? Thank you Jokes. Thank you so much. Human commerce is here. And I know Jim is very involved with the youth in his community. So welcome to the program. Okay. Well, thank you so much. Welcome and happy New Year to you, you and they'll both. I just want to get this. Ah, it's on there. We'll have a press release going out and Days old times and also the, uh, the Jackson hurled and after newspaper this week, hopefully it maybe next week, but the Jackson County Community outreach of I'm real proud of And honored to lead a prison. That organization we will be Given 25 scholarships. $25,000 and scholarship this year. And those scholarships and were students in Jackson County. No senior class is here. Who Have Ah, letter of acceptance from college and we're hoping that we're gonna get more of our young people to attend. Our great technical colleges were going to give 9 $1000 scholarships us Our traditional scholarships. We're gonna give six Uh, take college and vessels scholarships. With an addendum on the application, and by the way, our application is online of our website. J. C. J C c o scholarships dot or G. And we have an application page on our website and then we'll also be given. Our traditional Tom Lewis leadership. Scholarship of $1500 again this year, and we have a gym Scott visionary scholarship at the board. It together, huh? Look without my knowledge of 2500. So that told out, Theo, uh, $25,000 this year, And so we were proud of that, and this takes our organization up. I'm so proud of the work of these 18 people in our organization have done over the last 22 years. But this puts us up to a total. Raising and giving of scholarships in Jackson County. 277,500 last year. And so what The 25,000 will be given this year. This will put us over. $300,000 And we just of We're encouraged Inverse, strengthened by They support that we received from the businesses and the citizens of Jackson County. And we're proud of our four high schools. Of exactly, you know, Jim, that the work you're doing is just amazing. And one of the reasons why I love living in smaller communities is there's people like you and Joe that get involved in the community. And do the work that a lot of people don't want to do. Hey, thank you so much for calling in and telling us that is such great news and I will look for it and we'll make sure we talk about it on access Wdun also to thank you so much. We're gonna take a quick break right now. When we come back, we're going to talk with Steve more about the economy because it's right around the corner. We'll be back. Into all of warnings on Main Street.

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