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Which puts me in higher risk on dynasty young at hd two because our diet. I just watered genetic seeds. My prostate cancer had to have the genetics to develop the cancer, but I watered the seeds every day. For fifty years and then African-amer African. Americans are much more susceptible to prostate cancer an aggressive prostate cancer after that obesity. Is a the highest. Only one, four, seven, nine diagnosed actually die of prostate cancer so that that is good news it's generally slow growing cancer, but not always I have personal friends who were diagnosed when I was and it was on slower stage than I was that are no longer with us. and so it just depends. I'm right at the intermediate, but my cancer had already grown enough that it had grown outside of my prostate bed. That's why it's advanced and had grown into might what's called seminal vesicles and it would have gone to spread. So my surgery head didn't have the margins to remove all to cancer, and unfortunately that's why for the last nine years the good news is that there long survival odds generally. As I write about in my book but however, the difficult thing is you've got to be prepared psychologically because this can be a long term situation that you're GONNA have to deal with and you have to have a great partner at or if you don't, you've got to have great purpose if the giant randomized control trial came out, said e need Rusty Nail Sin Defeat Prostate, cancer I'll be the first one at home depot. Nails and put them in salt water to figure out how to do it. So. and. But a lot of men have trouble changing their die because as we talked about, these habits are very hard to change, and because only one out of forty seven men might die from it. that's. A reason that people might not take it so seriously, but the quality of life in terms of sexual health can be devastating. Can you tell us how what percentage of men after having either Chemo radiation or the surgery where you remove either part or all of your prostate one happens to their erectile function what percentage? What what what should they expect and I guess what's going on with you and your penis we can hear from other mindy or Bruce Abell.

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