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Margaret, you're on the air. No, thank you for taking my call. And I would agree with the previous caller. And what I would like to see happen is we do have bipartisan like Ireland. We have bipartisan support for the bills that have been put through. And so I think the people holding this up right now are Senator McConnell and president. So I would like to see Senate twit through the bills that were given to them send them off to the White House. Not create a new Bill that's going to create new anx. Let's send the thing that everybody agreed on before to the White House. It's Mr. Trump chooses not to sign them. I send it could override this. I will tell you that in Kentucky. Although it's not making it on the news. Many of Mr. Senator McConnell people are already trying to get hold them to say open the government needs to hero in this. So I would like to see the original the budget. It was green upon by all of them. The only persons owning up then is. Mr. Trump for a while he promised we wouldn't pay for we can't afford that while and most people don't want right for taking a Margaret. Thank you for your call. Well, I would like to see that. But the reality is it's not going to happen. Senator McConnell is not going to present that same Bill again. The Republican senators are not going to do that present that same Bill again. A large part of the reason why he's going to offer. This other Bill is to ineffective move away from her shake off the legacy of the Bill that they passed two weeks ago. So while I agree. It's a desirable outcome. I think it's very unlikely outcome, and you have to deal with your allies at the building going to present will represent the president's offer. Plus what ever sweeteners they can put in whatever issues they could put in to try to attract enough democratic senators to enacted. I don't think they'll succeed in that. Although it'll be. An uncomfortable vote for many Democrats Senator Mitchell, and I'm still thinking, but we what you said in the beginning of our conversation. The a step towards a successful negotiation is to broaden the issues away from you know, the single win-loss issue of the wall. Right. Enter to talk more holistically about immigration. But you know, as you noted we we saw that we went through a couple of processes a couple of negotiations last year that didn't do the did do exactly that. But those ultimately were undermined by the very hard line on legal immigration, for example, that some of the president's advisors are really pushing. So haven't we also all ready encountered, you know, the pitfalls of of widening the key the terms of negotiation too, far one of the cardinal principles negotiating difficult issues as you do don't take the I know as the last answer is a seventh. No or the seven. Eighteenth. No in Northern Ireland. I'm fond of saying we had seven hundred days of failure. And one day of success over period of years almost every day. I was asked by one or more reporters when are you leaving you have failed to get an agreement? And when are you going back to the states, and they were right up until that moment, we had failed to get an agreement, and we didn't get it until the very last the seven hundred day, persistence. Patience determination is absolutely essential in these circumstances. And you're absolutely right. We didn't that efforts were made they failed. What we have to do is learn from those failures and try again, Senator Mitchell, I have to say what you just said is the most hopeful and uplifting thing I've heard about this down in in many many weeks to remind us the seven hundred knows are just what procedures the one key. Yes. Incredible. Let's just get one. More call in here. Sean is calling from Decatur Illinois. Sean, you're on the air. Hi. How's it going today? Very well sort of by guess relatively well, but Shaun what's your thought quickly? What what my question was is if President Trump decides to use the government emergency assistance to as, you know, call it as a crisis in order to enforce the his proposal of the wall. The why would he owed the American people hostage? I'm just a small town state worker, and I'm losing my benefits because of Sean thank you for your call..

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