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That's what that we're all GonNa die in ten. Unless you get rid of your cars. Stop flying in airplanes. Give Up. Your air conditioning me and don't eat red meat all out because all GonNa die. It's the fear and the scare that the left. And use it the past and the you mentioned Obama. Obama's not good enough for modern-day leftists anymore. He didn't go far enough. You remember the primary on the left was. How quickly can we move past Obama didn't do it now, and that's that's a demonstration of where we are. They throw him under the bus in the debates, which was nuts to me it is Pete Hegseth, get his book American Crusade our fight to stay free and again I mean it's as if you knew something was coming, but but nobody saw this. That would be this big now you've talked recently about herd immunity, which is A. A real thing you and I are young. Enough were healthy enough. We stay in shape. We work out my mother. Maybe as at risk, certainly people with preexisting health conditions are at risk, Pete, why didn't we say Hey, you folks? Let's take care of you. The rest of us are going to go to work. Many of us might have had it had no idea we had it and got rid of it so the other day you dared say herd immunity is a real thing. Let's go out there and get the virus and get rid of it, and then you've been thrown under the bus big time. Exit is sitting at home protected by his bubble while he tells me to get corona virus. Fast as I can. I I happen to be in a line of work and I'll acknowledge this where I can do it from a skype camera at home I work in a studio in New York City, where there's nobody else in there, the only host in the studio, so yes, I am privileged i. know that right now. But there are a lot of people who have to go out every day. Where personal protective equipment all of that I get that, but America is premised on respecting people enough to allow them to take the information they have, and make choices for their own life, and if we lockdown for another two weeks and other month, we're GONNA. Shut down our economy to the point. Point where people's lives are ruined, even more than they already are, and so I understand why. The president took the measures that he did. There was a ton of pressure to act, but he's taken the right approach. He said guidelines. Here's the guidelines, guys. It's the governor's that say lockdown lockdown lockdown, and what they say is the more cases we find, the longer we. We have to stay lockdown. That's not how it works. We find new cases and people are recovering. That may be an indication that the virus spread further than we thought. Most people were asymptomatic, so data is a Pesky thing, so I took a lot of heat. I'm not saying everyone should try to get it I'm saying people are going to get it at some point. Point we have to move on in our lives. Unhealthy healthy people should have the choice to make those decisions. It can't just be target. Walmart that are open I have four stores to buy something the other day that I could have bought it at and I had to wait in line. The football field sized line at target to get it. This is insane and. People get it. It is insane and I think you're absolutely right. By the way every court challenge on these Gestapo like tyrannical moves by Michigan, hell right down the road in San Antonio where I'm based. They just said you can't say China. Virus is a virus or kung-fu virus. It's hate speech Pete and we'll send authorities to investigate you. Thank God! The court system is still in place to where every challenged has been upheld. In the First Amendment has been upheld, and they should be go ahead. It's one of the biggest legacies of president is what he's done in the judiciary, not just the Supreme Court but the way he's pumped judges out there. It's going to outlive him big time and thank God we have the shield of our declaration of the Constitution. That's the I mean the. There's only one party in. In this country and it's true and it used to be bipartisan. It's not anymore. That knows that our rights are given to us by God and it is government's job to protect those rights not say you can have this one right now, and not that one right now, and that's where I love the common sense wisdom of regular people who say let me open my Hair Salon because I can socially distance properly doing it, and the left loses their mind, and then she ultimately wins and thankfully Texas. These guys get were more things right than you here. Although the big cities are getting more and more blue, it's American crews say that's the book American crusade our fight to stay free number, one bestseller, general elections and political process going at it right now, you. You can pre-order it right now. It's Pete Hegseth is the author and also the host of Fox and friends weekend. So as we're watching all of this unfold, we also see the fake news doing its best to to pretend China. Did nothing wrong. Trump bad orangemen, bad he! He delayed himself in reacting. That's why we have so many cases. When in fact, there's a new Netflix. Documentary. That is not necessarily positive about Donald. Trump infected. It promotes Bill Gates I think is. There's some vaccination issue with Bill Gates. That will get you some other time, but this says if China would've acted quicker, it could've stopped it from leaving the country period, but nobody on the left wants to acknowledge that peters only about hatred for trump. Is this about trying to get power control of central government would exactly is the reason behind CBS news faking a big line in grand rapids or CNN the other day, just completely getting a story wrong to apologize. Why do you think that's happening? They have to. You're doing it. It's twofold I think. To. It's who they've always been. There just hasn't been a social media and other checks. Mention how many times on the nightly news in the sixties and seventies and eighties and nineties, the cinnabon mission was committed just like they edited bill bars answer, but no one knew about it because there was no way to check it. Always, it's always been who they are, but then donald trump has accelerated their hatred by calling them out for calling them by name I talk about that in a book all the time. He's the he's taught us all the grow a trump spine, and be the see something something president that he is, and he did it. Just say my TV's right here. I'm watching trump he's. He's told the press conference right now. He pointed in a reporter just moments ago and said who asked a question. Why are you wearing masks a? Why can you have tests that the White House but America can't have. That's not fair, and he stands up and he says you know what if we didn't do that, you would say. Why aren't you testing at the White House? And drew. It's true, and he points at this woman, and he says I know you better that you even know yourself because you're lying to yourself about the agenda that you have. They think their objective at some level, even though they all know their leftist and they try to cover up. It's a big lie just like everything the left does and thank God. We have a president who calls him out for Pete Hegseth H.. H, go and find him on.

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