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Here's a question from Brandon Miller. I'm curious about the difference UC meaning me between nightshift and true tone your pretty on the record about liking true tone. But to me, they're pretty similar and make the screen look, terrible. We have these great accurate screens, and they make it look like someone peed on them. So that's interesting. But to me, I think there's a big difference between night shift and true tone. I believe it that Brandon here and I believe other people can see the true tone effect and don't like it that they can tell no matter what the color is. I'm being color in the room is they can see that the display is doing something a faking something, you know, doing a color shift to accommodate for it and it throws everything off. I believe you that you see it and if you do see it, I'm sure you hate it. But I think the point of true tone is that for most people, they don't see it and it actually makes the display seem more natural. Even though it's actually not showing colors, whereas nightshift is purposefully shifting the color in a way that is supposed to be noticeable. You're supposed to be, you know, there's no way that people don't notice that there's everything is has yellow, greenish sickly tint to it. When I see somebody using shift on an iphone, I'm appalled. I often think because I go, I don't have it turned on nobody in my family uses it, so I don't see it for weeks at a time, and then I see somebody using it. And I often my first thought for a moment is always like maybe they dropped their phone and broke the display in some way. And now it, it shows weird colors. And then I know they've got night shift on to me. It looks so gross that it seems broken. Your mileage may vary. Obviously, other people might have the same feeling withdrew Tumba to me, that's the nightshift is doing that on purpose. And I still believe that the the, if it works with your eyes, if you feel like you're eyes aren't bothered as much when using night shift, you know, good for you and keep using it. But I think the pseudoscience that it makes you sleep better is a crock shit. I don't think that there's any any truth to that at all. Again, if your eyes are comfortable, you can tell. But I think this idea that helps you sleep better at night because you're not showing blue tones on the screen is a big pile of horse shit. Dmitry no last name asks, do you think it's worth to upgrade from twenty seventeen base fifteen inch to the new base model, fifteen inch with upgraded ram and for two.

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