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One set with items in some cheaper we that's what it looks more like now presently and this is a vast amount of tonnage views electrical equipment coming into nigeria how does it come in is it in shipping containers is it's on the backs of trucks is it could of containers that adjust full of e way stores at distributed amongst lots of other bits and pieces coming into the country just physically what form does it take their shipments come in three forms one is in containers loaded directly into containers complained nova hackles the second mode is that song containers contain vehicles and the and the electronic equipments are solved within the containers and individuals vainly consonants then the third and now most important and worrisome mode as shipments by stuffing in vehicles that are not loaded onto continents what we call the rural vehicles vehicles that alluded onto the road terminals rollon rolloff terminals we find that almost seventy percent cents by weight of all shipments now come via these routes so is it really a case that people stuffing holidays equipment into containers and hoping on convicts painting rarely that they're not gonna get intercepted at customs coming into the country i suppose so because the rates of interception and penalties as been extremely low this might be guesswork but how much can we widen this out as a global problem i have attended several international meetings and workshops at which representatives from several other countries africa asia and so of complaints bitterly about the continued dumping of unsalvageable nonworking used electronic equipment in the country so it's still a major global issue professor passe oni anwar you're listening to the science out from the bbc with me claudia hammond still to come we'll have the latest progress in earthquake forecasting i'm going to be hearing from the german doctor who's determined that men should become more comfortable speaking about their penis and learn to care for their is better also.

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