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Supported and connecting ready for ODU online quickness or go to online ODU dot EDU today. We could see up to one to three inches of snow in the metro area and up in Fort Collins to Cheyenne little heavier that area if we're Collins is in advisory for four to eight inches of snow CBS force. Dave Aguilar says the foothills and the central and northern mountains will be under a winter storm warning from six AM Monday through six AM Tuesday. He says those areas could see up to sixteen inches of snow. A while chase on I twenty five near Pueblo today involving a man driving the wrong way on I twenty five a trooper pulled him over and the suspect somehow managed to get in the trooper's car, the suspect took off with the troopers hand caught in the door. The trooper was dragged for a short time but managed to get free. Southbound where pursuit started with another trooper be upwards of one hundred miles an hour. I have an all Dorado with ESP says the suspect finally crashed about thirty eight miles later near walls in Bergen was arrested. No word on the suspects injuries. The trooper has minor injuries and was treated at the scene in sports, the Rockies, miss weeping. The Braves by one game after losing this afternoon in Atlanta. Eight seven three run Homer gave the Rockies the lead in the top of the eight about goes pitches. Desmond goes in swung and hit into left field for a Basit desma hidden for three and Camargo and desma is gonna come home safely Braves answered with their own three run Homer in the bottom of the eighth and won the game the Rockies head to Milwaukee for a four game series against the brewers. Tomorrow. Our coverage starts at five PM first pitch affi- forty and the Avs play the sharks and San Jose tonight in game two of round two of the NHL playoffs and the nuggets are moving on after beating the San Antonio Spurs game. Mm seven at the Pepsi center. Last night on Laura hatch on KOA, NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM. We have a brand new report of a rollover accident on twenty five northbound at six avenue. It doesn't look like a lot of backups at this point bubble be keeping an eye on it for you. The ran from six new Easter I twenty five south is really backed up right now as well. As I twenty five southbound being slow from I seventy through spear. You have great speeds, though, US thirty six out to boulder and also to five through Aurora CBS for weather tonight ice elated showers, a low of thirty two degrees. Tomorrow rain mixed with snow in light accumulation throughout the day. A high of thirty six right now, it's sixty five degrees. This report is sponsored by p Kia of Littleton Piquionne. It's a great idea picky home of the lifetime warranty. When you buy any new hia from Kia. It comes with a lifetime warranty like a Kia Sorrento key a stinger or to tell you ride only at peak Kia lifetime warranty is limited powertrain warranty. See retailer for details. I'm the avail on KOA NewsRadio. Colorado's. News, traffic and weather station. Fast reliable internet is that important to your business. We couldn't work without it. At Comcast business, we go beyond fast with mazing solutions and a great deal. What kind of solutions? Well, how about four G L T backup for complete reliability? I like the sound of that. What else powerful wifi keeps your employees connected. And with you can allocate between your customers and employee's. I didn't know Comcast business at that..

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