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Stories and natural you do Butte you know the national we kept it small today but you know what it's not a small APP I felt that intro was fitting for the subject matter and my guest welcome to Nash boot if this is your first episode welcome my name is Jackie Jay on the beauty talk shock Jock Queenie creams your host with most serum suppressed his friends on the west coast even though growing up Obiang's around now I'm in that awkward stage but I'm not going to bail them and keep going out you know what I mean I'm doing my best I'm also your favorite over thirty niche influencer and cookie southern aunt welcome to match butte here on Ashby we cover all things beauty wellness self care we get a little funny we get a little real and my guest hey I'm very excited to speak with her. She is a cannabis entrepreneur she is a vaginal wellness enthusiast I just found out that matching is her love language and she is the CO founder of Quim Quim is a plant based vaginal wellness company products are the love of China's okay because we're here to discuss badging L. Today we're here to discuss sustainable ways to care for of China's we're here to discuss Canada's CBD we might even talk about vaping because it's already up before we hit record please welcome Kyle Rae Nystroem it is I I am here thank you so much for being here you came down from the Bay it just popped on down you're wearing a very chic jumper and you've been vaping and we had a whole discussion about Oh we don't WanNa talk about that we I'm vape forward okay how yes out and proud mountain proud me and module yeah love that okay the Coyote you've been here I have some intro questions lease my first question I asked everybody on Ashby is what type of skinned do you have that it's an amazing question and one I myself I've been trying to answer I'm sorry I do that thing where I've got that you've got an accent now parrot I understand you know I've been trying to figure out what kind of skin I have I was actually at the Indy beauty showcasing New York I was walking around with Rio Amazing beauty the woman who is everything and I asked some lady who is giving away you know masks she looked at Rio and she's like here's the one you need and I was like what do I need help me out and she was like She looked at me like she she was like I don't know I was like what do you mean you're a skincare enthusiasts specialists I would say my skin is flaky sometimes sometimes it's greasy standard answer and Greece see ya but like not super sensitive skin yeah fair all put anything on my face once or twice same literally early anything okay love that my second question is what type of name do you have I just added this because you told me that your full name means something and I want to know what is main does I've got one of those names that just screams were your parents doing drugs yes you know yes they were I think my full name Cayo rain ice from Kyle like coyote minus the Odi Ray like a ray of light nystroem which is Swedish for new storm and according to my mother my name means along Ray of light in a new storm in what language don't dig too much beneath the surface you just got it you just gotTa let him play that's all Mama said at me yes I knew it was actually the name was bestowed upon me when my mother was pregnant and was getting ready to name me Chutney so really dodged there could have been Chutney remember chatting on legally blonde absolutely I mean that could have been you perm that's true I'm so happy you know ask me that made my heart sing I mean really dodgeball at their my great-grandmother came hood died many many years ago came to my mother in a dream when she was pregnant and said you're having a girl her name is Cayo my mom wakes up the next morning starts telling everyone I'm having a baby girl and I'm naming her coyote grandma comes back the next night just like not Cayo Cody you idiot Cayo and my mom is dyslexic and so she spelled it what the way I think she thought Coyote was Balch also not spelt so yeah just a lifelong you know I have a lifetime full of being called Cayo. CEO Sil- I totally get that right because your name is spelled Cyo and Athlete Youth Organization. I would not have expected coyotes pronunciation no I would've thought it would be like CIO CIO yeah which is cool what's the mood sure are while I had to clear that up okay my second question this is a new question specific for you type of giant do you have I have a tree Flynn Vagina okay trifling Jain heavy trifling visine you know I would love it to be a platinum version but it's a trifling machine I love that super susceptible to ut is yeast infections bv pain all of it all of the women in my family are super susceptible to ut is in Houston factions my sisters genesis it is just you know it's part of our family history yeah and yeah I started I got my first. Ut I like the week I had sex for the first time I played water polo in high school so I was always in a wet bathing suit and I just got my first. Uti it turned into a kidney infection had to go through two rounds of antibiotics I was seventeen I was in the hospital and of course when finally those antibiotics worked it wiped my body of all the backdoor Korea and then guess what I got a East in fact and that started like an eight year cycle of ut infection UTA use infection and of course I was in college diagnostic body generally I got my first ut I in college it's a special time for vaginal health and no one tells you know oh me too p after no no one tells you that you should change out of your spandex leggings after soul cycle and not go hang out at Brunch and drink Komo says marinating all of your vaginal flora right it's just like really cooking up like a slow I went to school in the south aperture in that I'm very you know when I am traveling in Humid climes fallen commando yeah he just fully let it be also you know in case I needed an excuse to keep spending money on bathing suits it's like I put it on I get wet and then change out of it right so I have to it's not it's not a shopping problem it's hell it's I yield spouse yes well that was a very thorough answer and I appreciate the last question is favorite thing about yourself Ooh I mean I like a lot of things about myself that's good favorite thing about myself the I think that I know what I want and I it doesn't bother me asking for that's such a skill a really isn't I think it's it's probably my most valuable skill is I'm not afraid to ask for what I want because I firmly believe that like to love me or to be in relationship with me whether it's business like romantic personal what what have you none of us are you know I shouldn't say none of us I'm not psychic I want I cannot anticipate all of your needs what I can do is show up with my needs ask you to meet them and then know that you will make your decision with all all of the information you need so you don't have to assume or think like oh I think Kaya wants this so I'm going to do this all you what I want and then meet me in the Middle all or wherever you can do you need a new best friend I will love to be arrest good skill and that's the kind of person I'm looking for right now in my life if you now and I'm working on that myself it's not easy for a lot of us to ask for what we want you know it's really not ending on how you're raised I mean I think it's it is truly easy for me plenty of things are not naturally easy for me writing an email not not getting through my to do list like I have. Add up the Walk Zoo but knowing what I want is actually it's it's pretty easy and I'm not afraid to ask for it because people can always say no and that's on you the sun you know I'll ask you can tell me no it's not my problem if you have a hard time saying no to People Nah Nah okay that was great I feel like I know so much about you but kyle we have more to cover so what's your favorite thing about you well I leave that question up for interpretation be a physical thing it could be a I've got great tits also yes honey okay I see you yeah I just did a brawl Oh okay getting your titties what they look right hind tight Ooh Itty bitty titty committee looking tight day and do we do our best I have my third love Braun Honey yes okay I showed my kids as well okay let's talk about Quinn because you founded a plant based vaginal wellness company and I never heard the word Quim it's so good what is it mean tell everybody so quim is this amazing archaic slang and it's from seventeen century England Victorian slaying for Kant okay which I mean Vagina Vulva what have you but it was a derogatory derogatory slang they would call women that are they would refer to China's at both I mean you know I think in Victorian England like you weren't really calling women concert right quim and taking back the words of that have you know words that have been used to put a certain group of people down we are part of a rich tradition of people taking back those words and saying you know what what is so awful about being called a quim arrived or a life giving organ can contract like bless your give life gift so much like why you know every every few weeks to get some really hopped up e an email from some hopped up British lady like please ladies I implore you to change the name of your company like doomed you know how offensive this is and I love getting those emails because I'm like Oh suv from Somerset England let me tell you why is it that you find this offensive what is so bad about being what is so bad about being called a giant yeah right it's literally life-giving organ or if you don't WanNa have babies it's still an organ that can give pleasure joy and honestly sticks with us and like I don't know a lot of things that can bleed every month and Dodi that's pretty fucking cool claims are warriors exactly g warrior that's true I'm here for this we talk about I prefer the word Pussy Pussy easily right off my town everybody has their term their word whatever it's empowering for you yeah but you know let's let's just see what comes out of us for this conversation but you are an entrepreneur And I think who story behind how you got into cannabis is so interesting it started very young you were a little girl why don't you just tell us a little bit about that yeah so I mean as I said earlier got that I you ti when I was about seventeen years old that started this cycle of UTA yeast infection UTA yeast infection and you know somewhere along that path I in feeling incredibly you know in shame around these health issues I was raised in a very sex positive household old excuse me my mom is an alternative healer and we were talking about these kind of things and yet even in this super supportive alternative health sex positive household I was terrified that someone's GonNa find out like on my when I was in college someone's going to find out like I was like Oh that girls like yeasty right like she's always dealing with the hear that new just be so grossed out the first time you get a yeast infection you're like oh my God this discharge is some trump thing it was I remember minds what it's stinky like it is grow I remember being very it was like I felt like a doe factory No I was like Oh this I didn't sign up for this job that's my sour dough starter inks that's going to be that's our it's our second or third business is actually a sour Brad companies started with my vaginal yeast Oh God farm to table Oh my God this is so funny okay so yes you were having issues I was having all these issues I was spending a lot of time on like the weirdest corners the Internet you know you go to those websites where like they're still playing Bob Marley background they've got like a Yin Yang it's like the graphics are moving all those go city's website exactly Yeah exactly so I was going on these websites now all these which he women being like put a clove of garlic in your vagina and only drink apple cider vinegar for six months I sat in a tub of apple cider vinegar want stab when my pussy thanks but I felt like a salad I felt like I was marinating a Tofu rap totally and then you put the yogurt and then you're like diy. I to Zeki from my like I don't know it's just weird but I'll try anything 'cause you're desperate yeah and also like I was in college I was or.

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