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The left despises Donald Trump war. Could the problem be as is so often? The case it's tells the truth. Truth is the real threat to their power. What is he a pundit? Is He a host? Is He a journalist? Is He a commentator? Is he a comedian I would say he's just a liar. But, whenever you? Say Tokyo Carlson. Did this is wrong? BLAH BLAH BLAH! You'll get all supporters like he's an opinion host. You Idiot you loser. And my response is that as long as the bug in the corner of the screen, says Fox News. He must be held to a journalistic standard of accountability. If they want to take Fox News off the screen and call it Tucker time. They can do that, but as far as long as news stays on the screen. My My governing sort of standard is that they are working journalists, and yes, journalism encompasses opinion and straight news. Okay, that's the way it works at the Washington Post, the way of worse vox, that's. That's the way it works everywhere, but I think that they should be constrained by the facts I think that opinion journalists must be constrained by and decency to and I think that in both of those cases Tucker. Carlson runs afoul of those particular standards I think the difference between what we do here. Vox, and and what the post does in its opinion columns. Is that we maybe don't have so much of an agenda a prevailing ideology that we're trying to advance, whereas when you watch Tucker, Carlson, or a lot of the quote, unquote opinion programming on Fox News. There is clearly an agenda and that agenda as of late seems to be get donald trump reelected at all costs. Yes, I think there's a difference between a political orientation or worldview and agenda-driven worked, and the thing about it is to bring it back to Tucker Carlson. He does this form of political agitprop, this form of political propaganda more cannily more savelly than anybody else in right wing media. He takes something that Donald Trump does. He doesn't examine the depravity of what trump did. He doesn't say this is absolutely insane. which it clearly is on face and I give you. Millions of examples were constantly writing about them. What he does is he takes the liberal reaction to it. And he finds instances where liberals have overreacted and. For every trump action, there is someone on the left to overreact I. Happen to think that's pretty reasonable. Given the sort of things that have happened, but you know fair enough, and he always says I'm not defending Donald Trump here. or He says I'm not defending Rudy Giuliani. Defending Putin, just pointing out the obvious. I'm just saying that the left is a bigger threat to America. This brilliant brilliant way of taking scandals that trump has spun up. and. Moving. The is the attention of millions of people distractive element on the left. And convincing them that TAT's the real threat to America. Every really is a brilliant way to construct propaganda. Eric went. Bowl is a Washington Post media critic and a former contestant on the Tucker Carlson show. Tucker found himself in even more hot water since I spoke with Eric on Monday, a regular guest on Fox News filed a lawsuit alleging Tucker. Carlson sexually harassed her invited her to his hotel in New York while his family wasn't around Tucker returned from vacation last night. He spoke about protests. Cova. Cova Konya, and then protests again and then Kanye again he tried to pick a fight with the New York Times, but never addressed the sexual harassment allegations, nor did he address the departure of his head writer. Blake neff in any greater detail, we reached out to talk. Carlson and Fox News for comment on this episode. They said we will pass on this interview, but thanks for reaching out. I'm Sean Romney's firm. It's explains.

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