Twenty Thirty Percent, Forty Eight Percent discussed on Rush Limbaugh


The email address elrushbo at eib net dot us to buttress my claim that what's driving left crazy is they're losing and i don't think they're gonna be any doubt about that folks they're losing and if they lost the election trump is triumphing they have they have dished out more on donald trump and they have other presidents combined and i mean including on rinaldi's magnus and nixon i mean if he has been nonstop from every mainstream media news source since trump announced his candidacy ended intensified when he won the nomination and then it became insane when he won the election and it has been nonstop it has been intense it's been a raw on deluded hatred non stop that has been the sole description of the coverage of donald trump and his presidency and it was designed to kill it politically it was designed to destroy trump paralyze him forced him out of office drivers approval numbers not to twenty thirty percent trump's approval numbers at forty eight percent he has done things that previous presidents tried and failed to do he's done things that precede previous presidents never tried to do historically low unemployment for african americans and hispanics when you know the drill on this stuff they are losing and they have been unable using all of the power they think they have to get rid of the guy but what really gnaws at them as they have been on able to separate trump from his base supporters and when they learn that more people are drifting toward trump they become even loonier because it's abject failure staring them in the face no matter who they dispatch to the front lines to carry this battle they end up with gunk all over their face i don't care if it's peter fonda it's bill maher f chuck todd if it's david gergen if it's anybody in the driveby media it's barack and michelle obama they're all bombing out big time and you combine that with the enmity they already have for people outside elite capitals on the coasts i mean they they opened the game with that they despise people that may be too strong award but there is serious contempt for people in the socalled area of the country called flyover i mean everything about them is compressed negativism combined with an undeserved superiority and hubris the new york times headline numb to outrage republican voters feel a deepening bond the trump gina anders nose the feeling well by now president trump says or does something that triggers a spasm of outrage she doesn't necessarily agree with how he handled the situation she gets why people are upset but ms anders fortysix a republican from suburban the loudon county virginia with a law degree of business career and not a stitch of make america great again gear in her wardrobe is moved to defend him anyway al nuance or complexity and these are complex issues are completely lost she said describing.

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